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Monthly Archives: November 2009

New Baldessari

John Baldessari is having somewhat of a renaissance. A major show was recently devoted to his artistic offspring, the so-called ‘Pictures Generation‘, and the catalogue raisonné of his prints and multiples has just been released.  If you’re in Europe and can take advantage of the ludicrously low price of airfare/travel there, please try and make [...]


U like? Here are some more posters and cards – Advice to Sink in Slowly.


With all the talk about the end of print during this past year, let us make one observation: print is not dying, it’s simply shifting – in fact, independent magazines are flourishing. Look no further than Spain, with a recent flurry of excellent publications (curiously, all designed by the fantastic Folch Studio) such as Metal, [...]


Wild Beasts are an indie band from Kendal, England and have been around since 2002. Get tickets to their show next Tuesday at Bang Bang Club in Berlin – they’re still cheap to get, no idea why that is.


Invitation to the Opening on Saturday, November 21, 2009, 5 – 10 pm
OWEN LAND: How can you believe anything he says?!
The exhibition How can you believe anything he says?! is Owen Land’s first solo exhibition in Germany. The presented works are: Film in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc. (1965-66), No [...]

Artifacts from the Future

Yes, it’s been around for six years. But it’s brandnew to me: The Photoshop Contest on Wired’s FOUND page features Artifacts from the Future.
The topic for this dolphin picture was: ‘The Future of Wildlife’. Discover more intriguing visions, such as ‘The Future of Amusement Parks’, ‘The Future of Rehab’, or ‘The Future of the [...]


The gentle Fantastic Man – widely considered one of the best fashion magazines around these days – have finally sprucened up their so far rather neglected online presence. In the same slightly amused and distant tone as the print version, males of all ages can now get their daily lifestyle recommendations and discuss essential matters [...]


Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 7 pm:
Seventh edition of KW’s Alte Hasen series – Collector Erika Hoffmann-Koenige in conversation with art and architecture critic Peter Herbstreuth
KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststrasse 69
10117 Berlin


Speaking of dance, we were fortunate enough to assist the dress rehearsal of the new piece Wound by Berlin-based Cie. Toula Limnaios, for some research into the next collection of mono.gramm. As all works conceived by the Greek/Belgian choreographer, Wound is an intense and rather unsettling experience, consisting of fragments of dreams, memories and nightmares. [...]


DORKYPARK’s newest production Oedipus Rex will premiere in Dresden this Thursday, November 19. Igor Strawinsky’s “opera-oratorio after Sophocles” is mise-en-scène at Festspielhaus Hellerau by Argentinean choreographer Constanza Macras, the set is designed by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. The productions by DORKYPARK are hard to describe with words: expect opera singers, dancers, a choir, a full [...]