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I’ve come to really appreciate Christmas, but mostly for the reason that it affords the luxury of time: time to sleep in, time to talk to people you have lost sight of for a while, time to read that issue of mono.kultur you never got around to finishing, time to think, time to kill time. I really enjoy that the whole western world shuts up for a few days; to recover, to rethink, to regain some energy before launching into the next year and starting all over again. Hopefully, these days will also spare me some time to look at and listen to some of the talks and lectures gathered at Ted. This brilliant website aims to archive and make available thoughts by the luminaries of our time – from politicians to economists to scientists to artists. People who have insight into the state of our world, from all kinds of angles, and who will hopefully make you think differently. Now that’s what I call time well spent.

Video: War photographer James Nachtway – a long term favourite for mono.kultur – at his acceptance speech for the Ted Prize in 2007.