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Monthly Archives: November 2011


Snug and cozy for 3 days with lovely Miss Read. Come by and say hello.


Actually, I’m pretty tired of the usual images of Eastern tiger cities – skyscrapers, people crammed in subways, shoddy alleyways – not that I’m not intrigued like everyone else by the rise of Asia, but I’ve just seen them way too often. No exception to the rule is German but China-based photographer Michael Wolf, who [...]


The filmmaker and artist Philippe Parreno is going to present his new film Continuously Habitable Zones, aka C.H.Z. His work primarily revolves around the interrogation of the nature of an image, as well as the modes of its exhibition.
‘There are no ‘cuts’ in the film but only stretching and folding of the landscape. Because of [...]

Tag der Weltmaschine – day of the world machine (LHC)

Quarks, neutrinos and other nerdy stuff – you might not know what you missed. Yesterday was the official ‘Tag der Weltmaschine’ – Day of the World Machine (LHC) – and  your chance to go and see where the Big Bang happens: Experience Die Weltmaschine live! Better still: you can still do this if you happen [...]


Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again: Idealistic young men and women flock to the grey pastures of Berlin to unleash their pretty books and magazines on art and the like on idealistic young men and women who can think of nothing better to do on a weekend than browse pretty books on [...]


Call it a reaction to the speed of modern life, call it a new experience of sound, call it a tourist attraction of the unusual sort – the small East German city of Halberstadt certainly ventured into new territory when it launched the performance of ASLSP by avant-garde composer John Cage in the year 2000, [...]


Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious ones, and you wonder why no one’s thought of them before. For instance, why should bridges be suspended high above the waters they cross? Why not make them on water level? It must have been a moment for excitement for Dutch Ro-Ad architects when they came up [...]


Russian photographer Valery Katsuba began exploring the aesthetics of acrobatics and gymnastics in a series entitled Phiscultura. Inspired by photographs taken in the gymnasiums of St. Petersburg in 1901 that he discovered in the state archives, he recreated the style of the era to demonstrate the similarities between now and then.
“I naively imagined that fitness [...]


Opening tomorrow is Ryan McGinley’s new exhibition titled Wandering Comma (whatever that is supposed to mean…), at Alison Jacques Gallery in London, where he will be showing seven new large scale works – maybe for the first time functioning not so much as a series, but rather as single excerpts of his continuing practice of [...]

Hammer and sickle disappear from central Berlin

Aeroflot throws its iconic Berlin signage out with the trash
One of the last hammer and sickle emblems in Berlin has disappeared from its prominent place in the centre of the city.
The hammer and sickle – the symbol of communism and the Soviet Union – was removed from most public buildings across the former [...]