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Kickstart an Institute

Now only 10 days remain of the (proposed) Marina Abramovic Institute’s ambitious Kickstarter campaign.

With the goal of raising $600,000 to fund the design phase of the project – which involves the architectural might of Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) – there’s still time to chip in, should you be so inclined. Pledges can begin at $1, but bear in mind that a donation of $25 or more enrols you in a live stream lesson from Marina in either the Abramovic Method Water Drinking, Slow Motion Walk or Eye-Gazing exercise(!). For the more modest benefactor, the $10,000+ ‘LIVE EVENT: NOTHING’ option comes with the intriguing description: ‘Marina will do nothing. You will do nothing. You will not be publicly acknowledged.’ Which strikes us as a rather bold move indeed.