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Monthly Archives: August 2013


Reaction LX is a gathering for design students organized by MEDS. Previous workshops by this non-profit student organization took place in Alanya, Istanbul and Ljubljana in 2010, 2011 and 2012. This time, two-weeks workshop, is held in an abandoned old prison in Lisbon where 250 attendees have also been living together as a commune. Besides daily [...]


Wonderful: Anish Kapoor in Berlin.


Mount Kimbie versus King Krule, and yes, You Took Your Time.

Some say: You never go wrong with a rainbow


It’s World Book Lovers Day today and in exciting book news (which you may have already heard) Donna Tartt has a new novel coming out soon! Donna Tartt is one of my all-time favourite authors and if you’ve read The Secret History and The Little Friend you’ll know what I mean. Her new novel is [...]


As rematch of the book swop between our friends at Motto and Kesselskramer, the hipster London agency with attached art publishing venture will present their latest issue of their magazine Useful Photography tonight in Kreuzberg. The name already says it all: photography with no artistic but as a practical tool to enhance everyday life, which [...]

Young Fathers’ Newest Baby

Guess you didn’t hear about it because you were busy eating at Kreuzberg’s Salumeria Lamuri or digging Burnquist or blasting some Krule, but Anticon’s Young Fathers have dropped two mind-blowing “tapes”, as they like to call them, over the last few months – perhaps the best rap/non-rap music from Scotland ever?! -, and just [...]


For obvious reasons we do a little journey to a time when music videos didn’t really exist: Roxy Music’s Do The Strand performed on TV in 1973. And we’re interested mainly in that silver-furry figure in the back, of course… yes indeed!


‘The phenomenon underscores for me the way that artworks of any time speak to us of our own conditions. The walls separating the big old art museum in Vienna from the street and the lives outside are thick. We had hopes to make them porous.’ – Jem Cohen director of  Museum Hours

Nuances of No

It should be no secret to our readers by now our enthusiasm and support of Broken Dimanche Press’ continuously growing list of published titles. The latest, Hanne Lippard’s ‘Nuances of No’ is no exception and coming out in such a special season, it makes for the perfect summer treat.
Best enjoyed outside in the park, pool, [...]