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Collaboration is an ongoing performance series by William ‘Bilwa‘ Costa and Jasmin Schaitl. In their own words collaboration ‘explores the correlation between, and the potentials of; transformation, alteration, duration and ephemerality’.

Collaboration #1, #2 and #3,  took place in mo.e (Vienna), Friday Exit (Vienna), Grünthaler 9 (Berlin). The appealing point of the series is their simplicity: everyday movements, such as dragging small objects, stepping slowly with some restrictions − one is allowed to move back and/or forth whilst the other is left and/or right − or using simple materials such as charcoal or microphone cable. After a research of approximately two days, the encounters and correspondence between two bodies is essential. The traces as a result of (re)action in the space after, say, 3 or 6 hours duration generate an installation at the end − what happens is fortuitous.

Recently, the artists have been developing the 4th performance − that will take place in Apartment Project Berlin − in their residency at Im_flieger (Vienna). Bilwa and Jasmin will be connected to each other with long thin wires and contact microphones. After a duration of 6 hours the audience would be able to see the transformation of two bodies and/in the space.

Apartment Project Berlin
06.10.2013, 14.00-20.00
Hertzbergstrasse 13
12055 Berlin