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Nowadays in Vdrome: Street Cat Deluxe by Ovidiu Anton
“The recent transformation of the city of Istanbul is critically analysed by a heterogeneous group of inhabitants of the Turkish metropolis. Discussing such topics as the impact of tourism, the effects of gentrification, and the results of urban policies on their daily lives, the single individuals also [...]


As London’s ever so popular Frieze Art Fair is opening its doors today, what caught our eye is the gentle redesign of the fair’s fantastic campaigns, as Studio Frith have taken over the reigns from Graphic Thought Facility. Keeping the natural theme of the past 11 years, Studio Frith focused on local and migratory birds [...]


As an animal and cat lover, I love this, ‘On our journey to find the perfect travel bag for a cat we are inspired by the Dutch Ethologist and Nobelprice winner Niko van Tinbergen. A researcher who studied communicational behaviour of animals. He would observe them and ask the right questions before he would even [...]

Wishful Thinking

So apparently not one but two wishes came true last week: the amazing Dot Willow shooting a selfie campaign (including that video below), and Fog’s Andrew Broder returning to life with his wicked, weird take on “Wishes”, that song you’ve been watching the whole time earlier last year.


Indie animation mainstay since “My First Crush,” (2007), her plaintive ode to infatuation, Julia Potts has in the last seven years only grown as an artist. Her most recent offering, “The Event,”  places her wry melancholy and signature animal-like creatures into landscapes that merge live-action images of Montauk and hand-drawn animation.  The digitalized special effects [...]


It’s getting quite hot, and mugginess slow cooks the brain. Times like these call for pop-silly-coolness (aka pop-si-cles) to afford our neurons some soothing entertainment. So: if you think you’re hot, check out these fire ants.
With a disclaimer for creature un-friendly behavior and oblivious kitsch.  An Only in America production.


As with many, I sometimes find The Art to be indistinguishable from fashion, design, or decorative art, which is completely fine. However, the trend towards their sugary, whimsical ilk sometimes gives me one too many (hot)flashbacks of semi-reluctant jaunts around Anthropologie and its twee brethren.
When I first saw a feature praising Juan Fontanive, I spotted [...]


Bored with the usual cinema fare?  Look no further.  L’Enfant (or I suppose now l’adolescent or l’adulte depending on your feelings towards said provocateur) terrible Matthew Barney returns to the cinema fray with his operatic River of Fundament, a collaboration between him, several powerhouse thespians, Gaspard Noé, Jonathan Bepler, and…Norman Mailer?!  Premiered at the Brooklyn Academy [...]


Peter Pan (or for that matter, Marina Abravomic) is not the only one getting the Bob Wilson treatment.  Working with Dissident Industries Inc, theater’s hallowed maverick, Robert Wilson has constructed video portraits–or caricatures?–of an odd population, including stars such as Isabelle Huppert and Brad Pitt to a…horned frog and Boris the porcupine (above).  Though the stylistic [...]

“Promise” by Kota Sake

A series of photographs by Japanese photographer Kota Sake are currently on display at the artist-run 35 Minutes studio space in Araiyakushi, Tokyo. Since this past April, Sake has been mounting three animal photographs on the 8th of every month “because of the Gomadaki ritual which is performed on the 8th of each month [...]