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These posters and ads have been gracing the streets and magazines in Berlin recently, to announce tomorrow’s opening of the hotly debated BMW Guggenheim Lab in the city. The Lab is a mobile container traveling to nine different cities in the world to host a series of talks, events and workshops on the theme of [...]


The art company of the celebrity artist Takashi Murakami, Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd., has opened a ‘new branch’ in Berlin: Hidari Zingaro, borrowing the name of the Edo period Japanese sculptor. In an ad for the so-called project space in the pages of Kunst Magazine, Murakami mentions that he was affected by the ‘wunderbare’ atmosphere [...]


This autumn will see the opening of a new and ambitious school called AID Berlin for illustration and image-making which in fact has been pretty much ignored by Berlin design schools as a field of study in its own right. As a little teaser, the school will run a series of exhibitions on illustration on [...]


Opening today in Kreuzberg: Outdoor venue with the genius name Fiesere Miese. Today big May 1st open air, tomorrow Mia Grobelny Release Party.

A Celebration of Creativity, Culture & Cuisine

Bored with the temperamental weather outside? We’re all looking forward to those Sundays spent in the park, chilling, sunbathing and reading a book (while we strongly fear another Summer like last year’s one). But that’s not happening, at least for this Sunday. So we better make the best out of what we’re left with (which [...]


Germans have the insatiable urge for rhythmic clapping at live music events – it can be witnessed at live television shows with music acts but just as well at beatbox performances at Festsaal Kreuzberg…

The Shins “Clapping Butter” – watch more funny videos


Don’t miss genius comedian/musician Reggie Watts on his first ever Berlin gig this Sunday at Festsaal Kreuzberg.


I’ve received seven invitations now by the artist Martin Zet to donate one of my zero copies of Thilo Sarrazin’s controversial bestseller, conveying some shady views on Muslim integration in Germany. It is the first official act of the Berlin Biennale coming up this summer, which promises to be an interesting one, curated as it [...]

Fake Patois In Your Area

The infamous Das Racist are currently on tour in Europe. Meet them “at the Kochlöffel/at the Wienerwald,” I guess, or, better yet, at the combination…


It was only a matter of time that Berlin’s Kreuzberg district would get its own proper fashion store. Lucky for us, it happened to be Voo, which has its own particular style of fashion, magazines, decent coffee and understatement that blends in perfectly with our favourite area. A great selection of designers including Henrik Vibskov, [...]