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If you observe end of the year Google search term tallies, you’d see some of 2014’s most searched fashion argot were by healthgoth and athleisure, the toned alternative to nineties trends.  The list topper was, of course, the beast commonly known as normcore. Manifested even on the runway by designers such as Rick Owens and Heikki Salonen, the term [...]


Over at It’s Nice That, they compiled a nice series of caricatures responding to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris – vicious as ever, and long live political satire. See more here.

Impending Doom

How come all the “unlikely” Warp artists, the ones you don’t get at first, the ones you get insanely addicted to later, the ones that are so wild and crazy and out there in unexpected ways, how come they all have to die so young?


With so many other things going on, we should not forget about our current and hugely inspiring issue #37 with war photographer James Nachtwey. Every now and then, we will publish a few images that he talks about in our interview or elsewhere. We’ll start with elsewhere, because as you might have noticed, Nachtwey is [...]


Filmmaker, visual artist, author Hito Steyerl asks:
“…armed forces fire flares to add to the confusing scene of giant smoke plumes, ambulance horns, and faces illuminated by mobile phone screens. At the Cultural Center, a brilliant, all-female group of culture workers and municipality officials discusses the role of art with me. I pan to frame [...]


Indie animation mainstay since “My First Crush,” (2007), her plaintive ode to infatuation, Julia Potts has in the last seven years only grown as an artist. Her most recent offering, “The Event,”  places her wry melancholy and signature animal-like creatures into landscapes that merge live-action images of Montauk and hand-drawn animation.  The digitalized special effects [...]


Three years after the tsunami in northeastern Japan and the damage to the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, many people, including a growing number of artists, have got beyond the agony and speechlessness that set in after the disaster. They are starting to recognize that the catastrophe uncovered many hitherto undisclosed rifts within Japanese society, and [...]


Bored with the usual cinema fare?  Look no further.  L’Enfant (or I suppose now l’adolescent or l’adulte depending on your feelings towards said provocateur) terrible Matthew Barney returns to the cinema fray with his operatic River of Fundament, a collaboration between him, several powerhouse thespians, Gaspard Noé, Jonathan Bepler, and…Norman Mailer?!  Premiered at the Brooklyn Academy [...]


These apocalyptic appearing press photos of the latest events in the Ukraine were published yesterday by the spanish newspaper El País.
Immediately touched by the anarchic brutality of a real event I started to notice that the images would arouse a certain sense for surreal beauty just at the same time they had a shocking impact [...]

Monday Music: RIP Efterklang

Sadly, the incredible Efterklang are about to call it quits: “February 26th 2014 we will play one last concert in Sønderborg, Denmark, where we grew up,” they announced on their website last week. “It will be the last concert with Efterklang as you and we know it. We are not sure what happens after this [...]