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Supernatural Strategies…for making a Rock’n'Roll Group.

The Rock’n’roll group has long mystified and shocked through pageantry, or distaste there of; if ever it even gave a damn. For decades now, this ‘genre’ of Rock’n’roll keeps going, recycling itself or scrapping [nearly] everything and starting again. Like Jazz, rock is everywhere now. Peculiar partnerships are found throughout its history. Social, political [...]


When Judd Apatow asked Chris Rock (in Vanity Fair, January 2013, guest-edited by Judd Apatow) if comedians of today are better than they used to be a couple of decades ago, he answered “… Hell fuckin’ no. … There are a lot of good comics out there, no doubt, but as far as the quality [...]


Every year almost everyone attends neverending Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners but most of us don’t celebrate things as Marie I and Marie II, Ruth and Idgie from 90s or Laurel&Hardy do.


Safety Not Guaranteed is a comedy/drama directed by Colin Trevorrow starring Aubrey Plaza who you might know from the absolutely brilliant Parks and Recreation. Her character is a disillusioned intern at a Seattle magazine who gets to investigate a story on a self-proclaimed time traveller who is looking for a travel partner through a classified ad. Surprisingly [...]


Codex, the witty dance film by French choreographer Philippe Decouflé, is worth spending time on and analyzing every detail in the movements. The film is comprised of several fragments reminiscent of  Egyptian signs, sounds from the East and weird bodily gestures.
‘…the fantastic animals,the imaginary plants and the living vegetables…‘ are the inspirations of Decouflé.

No No Tip

What does a hipster do when he realizes that his hipness won’t take him anywhere in life? He flips. But no tips.


Leos Carax, the director of Les Amants du Pont Neuf, practices sorcery with his new film Holy Motors. Competed in Cannes, this astonishing film surprises the audience with beautiful scenes as well as its discrepant and strange characters. Even the most disturbing scene is humorous and absurd in the fantastic world created with Denis Lavant, [...]


Mental reunites writer-director P.J. Hogan with his original leading lady Toni Collette for the first time since Muriel’s Wedding. Mental is set in rural Queensland and the characters’ accents are fabulously cringe-worthy. The film tracks a family in crisis when a busy politician father ships his stressed-out wife to a mental hospital. Unable to cope with his [...]


Whenever the conversation turns to Jerry Seinfeld, I usually go quiet. See, I really don’t understand Seinfeld, I simply don’t find him funny – a revelation which most people in turn fail to comprehend and tend to find most baffling. Hours of discussions ensue, whereas I don’t even want to talk about the guy, and [...]


‘You seem to be having dark thoughts‘ these days. Why not learning the moves of the legendary dance scene from the movie ‘Band of Outsiders‘ by Godard or going wild in Miss Golightly style? Do something interesting this weekend: dress up and dance in 60s!