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A Manz World

Thinking about Bodil Manz’ thin-skinned ceramic inventions makes me feel all jittery inside… and just imagine she’d do a similar see-through model that nods to the mono.kultur logo…


Boerum House & Home via Old Brand New.

Special Books

Some books are more special than others…
For 40 years, Gerhard Steidl has combined the roles of printer and publisher, resolved to personally check each sheet leaving his printing shop in Göttingen. This perfectionism, combined with an unconditional love for books, for the traditional printing craft, and a commitment to the quality standards of manufacturing (in [...]


Founded by English gardener John Tebbs, The Garden Edit redraws the traditional boundaries associated with shopping and the garden by bringing together a modern collection of products that embody functionality, timelessness and beauty. The collection reflects John’s personal aesthetic – minimal, well-designed products from craftspeople, artists, publishing houses and family run businesses. It is really very beautiful!


All your favorite garden finds, knitted by japanese artist Itoamika Jung Jung.

Safer Communities Together

Oma Marnie’s Pie Bakery, “Germany’s first Kiwi-style pie bakery”, has just opened its doors: Serving a mean pie & the best flat whites (Five Elephant beans), they also have great ice-cream, plus all kinds of paninis/baguettes and fresh organic breads. If you pay these guys a visit, don’t forget to blow [...]

The Art of Ale

Now that beer-brewing is finally considered a proper art form – and that nano is the new micro -, here’s something for next weekend (in Berlin).
Berlin Craft Bier Fest 2014
May 30-31, noon-11pm
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain


As with many, I sometimes find The Art to be indistinguishable from fashion, design, or decorative art, which is completely fine. However, the trend towards their sugary, whimsical ilk sometimes gives me one too many (hot)flashbacks of semi-reluctant jaunts around Anthropologie and its twee brethren.
When I first saw a feature praising Juan Fontanive, I spotted [...]


Indeed, we can never beat nature. But we can try to learn from its elaborate ways of designing & engineering and digitally translate it to our genious invention the 3-D printer to let him create what we wouldn´t be able to.
Just to come close to nature. So does Israelian architect and designer beauty Neri Oxman [...]


Pottery is one of the oldest existing crafts. A great part of the history of pottery is prehistoric, part of past pre-literate cultures. The ceramic act of making pottery wares or artwork was never so present as in contemporary artistic practices. From homemade pottery vessels to ceramic objects that take the form of food. Here’s a [...]