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Pulling off yet another genius move, Father John Misty just announced his very own (and crap-sounding) SAP – Streamline Audio Protocol: “I am pleased to introduce SAP, a new signal-to-audio process by which popular albums are “sapped” of their performances, original vocal, atmosphere and other distracting affectations so the consumer can decide quickly and efficiently [...]


“What is the real value of flowers? It seems impossible to equate the amount of time and effort, art and love involved in growing them. And why should we? Flowers are about beauty and joy and colour and emotion. Money can’t buy that. We want to create community, share abundance and make conversation instead. So from now on [...]

Spell of the Authors name

Beware of the very angry writer! Whistleblowing and wicked warts, undisclosed officials confirm Snowden doesn’t have a finger in this leak pie, nor does the marketing department.


At what point did we separate good value from good values?  At what point did we allow, ‘hey, this is good value’ to simply mean, ‘hey, this is super cheap’? Money, Money, Money. The current issue of Dumbo Feather looks at our relationship with money and asks such questions. From conversations with Monocle’s Editor-in-chief, Tyler [...]


How to renovate council housing and tower blocks in a contemporary way has been a pet obsession of French architects Lacaton & Vassal for quite some time now, and successfully so. See the results and arguments for it tonight at the DAZ, where they will exhibit their recent transformation of Parisian apartment block Tour Bois [...]


Parallel Lines (…That Should Have Never Crossed) is a personal photographic gesture on a general sense of unease in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 when, for just a moment, the underlying power structures of our modern societies were exposed by the failure of the economic system to maintain [...]


We are still overwhelmed by the impressions of this year’s Frieze Art Fair. Even though we have experienced once more that an art fair is not always easy to handle, since its approach is rather different than that of other big exhibitions, we still have spotted some interesting pieces and well-arranged booths!
David Maljkovic at Annet [...]


It’s rare that architecture photography manages to make a comment not on architecture, but the passing of time, an international crisis and a current sports event all at the same time – as does Jamie McGregor Smith’s series Borrow, Build Abandon on the desolate state of the sites of the Olympic Games in 2004 in [...]


These posters and ads have been gracing the streets and magazines in Berlin recently, to announce tomorrow’s opening of the hotly debated BMW Guggenheim Lab in the city. The Lab is a mobile container traveling to nine different cities in the world to host a series of talks, events and workshops on the theme of [...]

Death of a country

Sometimes being small is not that bad – economical depression hits hard, suddenly everyone becomes poorer, future perspectives start to shrink, but somehow all this can still feel quite feasible. Of course you can become very angry, as the political class seems to get dumber and dumber, with big cuts in education and culture, and [...]