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‘Let them eat pepper gas’
Recep Tayyip Antoinette
‘Welcome the the gas festival’, ‘There is a beach under the stones’, ‘There is a revolution going on here, Signorita’,‘I could not find a slogan’ were some of the slogans written on the walls of beauteous cities of Turkey, the land of pepper. All you have been seeing in the news was a [...]

Villainous Model Citizen

Carmen Villain, who dropped an amazing album entitled Sleeper on Smalltown Supersound, might be the most convincing/mind-blowing/inspiring/disturbing model-turned-musician ever.


Everyone gets sad sometimes – even Kanye.

Tonight in Berlin: Supreme Opening

I remember seeing the first Supreme ads in the Beastie Boys’ own Grand Royal magazine, not long after the now-world renowned shop on NYC’s Lafayette St. opened its doors to the public. The ad was rather small, and quite different compared to all the other obscure label ads for even more obscure vinyl releases. It [...]

Doki Doki

Let’s face it: The world needs more Fairhorns. And more jumpsuits (that’s pretty mono, for sure). Okay, and also more of this.


This post is not for you, or maybe it is, depending on whether you share our editing team’s other half’s passion for a certain R. Kelly, who has been popping up embarrassingly often on these pages recently. But we are not the only ones with this particular weakness, because news just arrived that our colleagues [...]

The Hair Apparent

Interviewer: Okay well, my last question actually comes from a special surprise guest who asked me to ask you this, so you’ll have to guess who this question came from.
Victoria Legrand: You’re asking it for them?
Exactly, and you have come up with who you think might have asked it. The question is how many pieces [...]


I used to go to college with M.I.A., so to see her turn into a massive pop star never fails to weird me out a little. But whatever you might think of her particular blend of mainstream electro sing-along hymns, there is no doubt she is one of the most interesting and courageous pop stars [...]

Return To Form

Good news, you Bear and/or Dept. lovers, these are good news.


Now that you’ve seen us dancing to some unlikely tunes (last week, thanks to Chris Taylor), why not talk about Robert Sylvester Kelly for a minute: He may or may not be about to drop a memoir, amazingly titled Soula Coaster: The Diary Of Me (he is the true head of headlines, you know?), and [...]