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Russian Chocolat Paper

With Russian leaders being not so consumer oriented theses days, it’s good to know there are still appealing chocolate wrappings. I found a batch of these old chocolate paper designs, let’s kick off Christmas season with an excursion to visual rhetoric.


The exhibition of the  Berlin Graphic Days 2014 was visually dominated by the colourful silkscreen prints in six parts by Hza Bažant from Czech ‘Hura Collective’. Hygienická Stanice is the name of the gallery that stands behind those simply amazing handmade prints on Japanese paper – each piece a part of story that lies behind [...]


‘There is something wonderful in picking up a well-written and beautifully designed book. The way it is held in our hands. The weight and smell of its pages. The beauty that lies in between its covers,’ say Sydney design and book store Beautiful Pages on their website, and it’s obvious they have caught [...]

Die portugiesische Küche — Berlin Book Presentation

The whole world eats italian pasta and pizza, everyone knows how french cuisine influenced the way we all eat and most of us know that sunny feierabends match spanish tapas and beer. But who has ever heard about portuguese gastronomy? Who has ever eaten Petiscos (the portuguese Tapas) like the ugly looking but yummy Percebes, the [...]


Minka Sicklinger is a female tattoo artist and illustrator based in NY. Apparently, animals, myths, Hindu and Shaman rituals are influences of her work.
Happy Woman’s Day!

Berlin Series #01: Bootsbau

Cities like Berlin can be overwhelming in its (abundant) cultural offer. Museums, galleries, bookshops, shops, bars and cafes’ openings spread faster than fire and it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. How many times one just ends up staying at home simply by not being able to make a decision? Of [...]


The sweet Frankie Magazine led me to the works of Sarah Dennis, the creator of these beautiful paper cut stories in traditional scherenschnitte and collage. Among many intricate dreamlike works, she has made a new take on a certain children’s book.


If you feel a shame-tinge when sneaking a selfie in the H&M changing room, here’s some validation.  Moving Image Art Fair London is holding a National #Selfie Portrait Gallery, featuring works by 19 new artists from Europe and the States.  As they are all video works, they are a bit more complicated than the average Instagram [...]


While the craft of classical music courts notoriety for its mathematical complexity, its interpreters often express themselves in literary rambunctiousness and visual cues, relishing in matching timbres with colors, flourishing upon movements hippos and dancing flora a la Fantasia.  Floating above the soup of sentiments, Jorinde Voigt charts soundscapes according to an invented emotional notation, you [...]


The first copies of Holloway are inspiringly made by hand-press and raw lead, depicting beautifully etched or engraved holloways. Illustrator is Stanley Donwood, the renowned creator of Radiohead’s album covers. Together with writers Robert Macfarlane and Dan Richards they went to explore the Dorset holloways- a trip that was initially inspired by Geoffrey Household’s thriller Rogue Male [...]