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Weissensee Walkabout

Berlin’s UdK hosts its annual “Rundgang” this weekend, and so does the Kunsthochschule Weissensee, the city’s smaller eastern sister art school, tucked away in the refreshingly mellow north-eastern parts of town. Last year’s open-doors event was really laid-back and nice: some fresh perspectives in fashion, (product, textile, stage, costume etc.) design, painting, sculpting, and [...]

F Kenya Never Dies: Madame Zehae Ala’s Return

It’s a great week in music: The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces (and formerly: Digable Planets) took over blogging duties at Gorilla vs. Bear, Modeselektor are going to turn Berlin’s Fete De La Musique (that’s tomorrow) into a sweatfest at Mauerpark, and yet we keep returning and returning and returning to a track that first made [...]

Berleenhorn Gifs

Don’t get this the wrong way. We do love you all. But this shit is still too funny. We’ve all been there, so it’s laughing about our rookie selves in style, mainly. Reminiscent Gifs appear to be an appropriate way of taking on the everlasting theme of this blog: the Berlin greenhorn. Probably more charming and [...]

The Best Of All Worlds

Jaysus, Warp Records certainly knows what’s good – so good luck hunting down a copy of this musical trifecta’s limited edition release on Record Store Day! (And in the meantime, welcome to the future).



Although it is -5° in Berlin, there are nice people around, glühwein and The XX to cheer up. Forget the heartbreaks and the fact that it will be even colder in a few weeks; go for the laughter, joy and X-mas markets.


1920s… Years of Charleston and Flappers like movie star Louise Brooks; cabarets and Dada! After being overwhelmed by Mike Nelson’s work in the newly discovered abandoned cabaret theater from 1920s in Berlin’s Gartenstrasse, bumping into Thames and Hudson’s new publication Berlin in the 20s was a nice coincidence. The book is starting with a description [...]


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The London Design Festival, the stalwarts of modern taste that is Established & Sons have commissioned 20 designers to design a bench to mark each year of the festival, which are all currently on display in the Italianate surroundings of the John Madejski Garden at the centre of the [...]


Here are some photos of the soccer night that we hosted  at Studio B. Thanks to Jyuuchi, Okawari, Ma tias and Lukas from Onebeat. These wonderful photos are taken by Pascal Rohé who also worked on the video. What a pity to miss a mono.kultur event!

The original and the cover epidemics in the age of youtube.

Most of the songs are either great, good or bad. But some other songs simply are. Sometimes they also happen to have quite banal videoclips, that for some dark and unknown reasons wake up a kind of collective sick will of replicating it, endlessly. Mistake yourself not, this post is not about the song, it [...]