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As an asylum seeker, one is already othered, lives in hard conditions whilst waiting for one of the basic rights to be approved: the freedom of movement. No one would leave her/his country if there was no more wars or more tolerance towards other choices. Even in so-called-civilised-West, women and LGBTI rights is still a crucial [...]


The venerable V&A museum opens its anticipated retrospective on late and legendary fashion designer Alexander McQueen tomorrow, which, if anything, makes it painfully obvious how we are lacking designers of the same calibre and radicality today. In the meantime, longtime friend and collaborator Nick Knight features his own McQueen retrospective of sorts on Showstudio, with [...]

Impending Doom

How come all the “unlikely” Warp artists, the ones you don’t get at first, the ones you get insanely addicted to later, the ones that are so wild and crazy and out there in unexpected ways, how come they all have to die so young?


That got your attention did it?
With cinema’s recent fetish for arthouse erotica in mind, here’s an literary ode to the body pleasures. Folch Studio erotic publication Odiseo is meticulously crafted such that it appears more a catalogue of contemporary nudes than of sensual acts. If you’re looking for something of similar caliber–but curated for the gentlewomen–model [...]


Filmmaker, visual artist, author Hito Steyerl asks:
“…armed forces fire flares to add to the confusing scene of giant smoke plumes, ambulance horns, and faces illuminated by mobile phone screens. At the Cultural Center, a brilliant, all-female group of culture workers and municipality officials discusses the role of art with me. I pan to frame [...]


By now everyone must have heard about the news: Nine brand new episodes of Twin Peaks will go into production next year to be broadcast in 2016! David Lynch has been teasing the show’s return on Twitter for a while, and now a teaser trailer that typically gives not much else away has been released. [...]


With Instagram and virtually every other photographer shooting from the hip these days, it’s easy to forget that 20 years ago, that kind of snapshot photography was entirely unacceptable in a commercial context. With pioneers in casual snaps for high end fashion such as Juergen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans and Terry Richardson having ascended to super [...]

Historic Mobility & the Emergence of Cultural Hotspots

Art historian Maximilian Schich and design researcher Mauro Martino illustrate the historic mobility of intellectuals. The animation connects birth and death places through the centuries. It reveals the emergence of cultural hotspots like Rome, Paris as well as German Kleinstaaterei and the conquest of the new world.

Cuts In The Middle

Now that the Internets have survived this and Sir William Benjamin Bensussen aka The Gaslamp Killer has recovered just fine from his insane scooter accident – it’s been a year, and see above -, he’s going to go crazy (as usual) at Berlin’s Gretchen tomorrow night. Wicked!


We’re always up for a good snippet of advice, so these beautiful posters by Colorado-based studio Berger & Föhr in tribute to and compiling some words of wisdom by design heavyweight Massimo Vignelli, who sadly passed away this May, are exactly our glass of ice-cold lemonade.