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Wonderful footages from Roy Andersson’s A Swedish Love Story used for Thieves Like Us.


These days where it’s all about the Olympics, let’s turn to a former archery champion to have our suspicions confirmed: the world can be a wild and wondrous place. (And yes, the video gives our quote below a whole new and unexpected twist…)

Berliner Love

Berlin remains a magnet to crowds of curious youths, and the constant flow of new Berliners is a staggering phenomenon. As identification with this playground city seems to play an important role for many, discrimination of those who arrived earlier against those who arrived later is a popular sport. It has been for the last [...]

Season of the Faltgarage

It’s that time of the year, and all the bikers have to kiss their love goodbye for hibernation. It’s heartbreak, but it’s the season. And you can tell German Gemütlichkeit doesn’t stop at the front door.
Find more Faltgaragen here.

Such a Heavenly Way to Die

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi on

200 People Dipped In Blackness Making Clouds Forming Altered Carbon

(We) came in the door/(we) said it before vs. (our) body traveled, our mind (…) behind the music – thanks, Palaceer, for the best concert so far in 2011. And see you soon.


Quote: “I, Vincent Gallo, star of such classics as Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny have decided to make myself available to all women. All women who can afford me, that is.” What a guy.