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Dear Friends,
it is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore: Christmas Season is upon us, and where did the year go? But just in time, we are immensely proud to present our latest installment of mono.editionen, in the form of one giant poster, by none other than Chris Ware.
Because it is precisely those questions – the passing [...]


By now everyone must have heard about the news: Nine brand new episodes of Twin Peaks will go into production next year to be broadcast in 2016! David Lynch has been teasing the show’s return on Twitter for a while, and now a teaser trailer that typically gives not much else away has been released. [...]

Past Continuous

The best thing NYC’s awesome Dexter Sinister pulled off this year was sending an invite on June 26 (!) that said: “Please come last SATURDAY 21 JUNE 2014 at 10:30 pm to Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (CAC), Vokieciu 2, Vilnius LT-01130, Lithuania, for the STAGING of Dexter Sinister’s The Last ShOt [...]


Subway systems always have their particular allure, and it’s funny how they come to represent the city they are in – just compare the unique smells to be found in Berlin, compared to Paris or London. What is universal is the way how we will rub shoulders with people from all walks of life, cramped [...]

Lost Book Found

“I found connections between the street vendor, Benjamin’s ‘flaneur’, and my own work as an observer and collector of ephemeral street life,” Jem Cohen once said about his 1996 film Lost Book Found, a truly mindblowing, poetic Super 8/16mm flick about city life. Got 37 mins? Well, then watch it right now:


Summer seems a long way off in spite of the mild winter we are having so far – so a fine moment to keep dreaming about summers to come, and in particular what we are going to wear, as written for Chinese online journal Mingpao:
Shoes and summer have always posed the difficult dilemma, particularly for [...]


This is what has been playing on heavy rotation at our studio last year…

Better Luck Next Time

We didn’t get to see that Linda Perhacs show at Berghain this week, but here’s her 1970 album – plus, Dean Blunt is in town tonight!
Parallelograms by Linda Perhacs


It is crucial to choose the right topic while procrastinating. Old movies, especially Rita, Ginger and Fred would be the ones to cure the Sunday/Monday blues with their charm and dances!


“You need to try to master the ability to feel sad without actually being sad.” How is this possible when someone you dearly loved for 21 years is gone…? Laurie Anderson made the most powerful and intense dedication of love to her recently deceased husband Lou Reed, by writing an essay. It is a farewell, [...]