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With Spanish master architect Ricardo Bofill as the subject for our new issue mono.kultur #36, we’re going to focus on a few highlights of his singularly prolific and versatile career spanning five decades, since so many of his projects are just such good fun to examine.
And where better to start than at the mythical La [...]


Dear Friends,
‘It is enough to say that Ricardo Bofill is one of Europe’s most famous and prolific architects of the last century. To add any more is to inevitably leave out too much.’ With these words we begin the journey of our new issue mono.kultur #36 into the mind and work of [...]


I have yet to meet a graphic designer who does not fall prey to a slight obsession with stationery – drawers full of unused notebooks, desks cluttered with pencils from Japan or rubber stamps from Poland. A mildly addictive habit shared/exploited by the lads at London-based Present&Correct, that mecca for stylish household / office wares [...]


The dating scene can get a soul down, and usually I turn to the tunes for relief for my heart burn. “Luv Sikk” by Finnish DJ Kiki is the closest approximation I’ve heard lately to the experience of  infatuation (and heartbreak). Propelled by the thudding beat, it kicks off with thrilling scales and hammers on despite [...]


The films of Peter Tscherkassky (1958-) hearken back to golden period of experimental cinema.  Despite the capabilities of today’s film editing software, they engender not the uneasy multiple exposures, the interruptions of sprocket holes, and eruptions of grinding sounds populating Tscherkassky’s films.  Since his introduction to the everyman’s Super 8 in 1979, his works, frenetic [...]


Anyone who has ever spent a Sunday afternoon in Brixton will not dispute the fact that black hairdressers are artists. But if you think that’s exaggerating a little, check out Nigerian photographer J.D Okhai Ojeikere’s archive of nearly 1000 impressive hairstyles, no less, as a monument to hairy creativity. Sadly, Ojeikere passed away last weekend.
Photography [...]

How You Sound

If you’re not interested in skateboarding, go read some Bill Murray (no joke) – but if you are, even remotely, don’t watch (okay, do watch), but more importantly: LISTEN to this.


First released in 1986, Obsession – the first fragrance by Calvin Klein, set the clue for coolness. CK’s autumn/winter 2014 menswear collection once again presented perfectness on the catwalk: Sweatshirts appeared throughout the show emblazoned with the Obsession logo and that of the brand’s other era-defining smell, Escape, from 1988 and Eternity. All combined with [...]


So that’s what Pinterest is good for: a most amazing collection of magazine covers by a certain Daniel Gray. And we recognise a few of those…


If you feel a shame-tinge when sneaking a selfie in the H&M changing room, here’s some validation.  Moving Image Art Fair London is holding a National #Selfie Portrait Gallery, featuring works by 19 new artists from Europe and the States.  As they are all video works, they are a bit more complicated than the average Instagram [...]