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Since the advent of industrialization, man has belabored the destruction of human identity in the technological sinkhole, enmeshed in metal, wires, and electricity and ever growing to the beat of Moore’s law.  The insistent currency of interchangeable events, status, and messages meted out by social networking sites presently fill the absence of the harder personal [...]


In case you were wondering where the title or the admittedly rather obscure subtitles throughout our new issue with Brian Eno come from, they were all taken from the wonderful project Oblique Strategies by Eno and the artist Peter Schmidt, conceived in 1974 as a simple deck of cards offering simple advice in case of [...]


‘The phenomenon underscores for me the way that artworks of any time speak to us of our own conditions. The walls separating the big old art museum in Vienna from the street and the lives outside are thick. We had hopes to make them porous.’ – Jem Cohen director of  Museum Hours


It was of course only a matter of time until someone invented something like The School of Life – we all might know our history dates and our algebra, but how to sustain a meaningful relationship? How to navigate daily life with all its pitfalls and uncertainties? These and many more questions that we all [...]


The anticipated retrospective exhibition of Hilma af Klint has now opened at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. Like Kandinsky or Mondrian, af Klint (1862-1944) was influenced by spiritual movements and has been considered to be ahead of her time in the way she incorporated her beliefs in her abstract work. In her will she wrote [...]

making up stories

We love a good interview, and this one is wonderful. John Gardner was a novelist and critic, but he was also a teacher and a human, in the very best way. His writing about writing is generous, practical and principled. The Paris Review compiled the interview from four separate interviews conducted by Paul F. Ferguson, John [...]