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CBRE 2014 Theme this year was ‘Cities at Work’ which briefed photographers from around the world to capture the beauty and day-to-day reality of working life. The overall winner was German photographer Marius Vieth with his image ‘Masks of Society’, although the runners up entries are just as striking, see them here.

Europe’s Dystopian Novels

Photos by: Boris Kralj
Having recently spent a couple of weeks in Tallinn, Estonia, I ended up being fully introduced to Estonia’s Soviet past, followed by its quick embracing of capitalism and current ‘better’ days. It’s an interesting past, the one that still haunts eastern european formerly communist countries and, perhaps even more interesting, present, certainly [...]


In the series “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich” by Sandro Miller, Mr. John Malkovich appears as Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Alfred Hitchcock, Che Gueavara, John Lennon, Dali; idiosyncratic, cult characters of history of photography and more.


With Instagram and virtually every other photographer shooting from the hip these days, it’s easy to forget that 20 years ago, that kind of snapshot photography was entirely unacceptable in a commercial context. With pioneers in casual snaps for high end fashion such as Juergen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans and Terry Richardson having ascended to super [...]


Despite the unnecessary effects, one can also encounter interesting articles or projects via facebook. A new discovery by the suggestion of the blog crap=good is MUSEE MUSEUM in Brussels, influenced by  The Imaginary Museum of Andre Malraux. It is “a temporary museum in a specific neighborhood where the houses are seen as the archive cellars [...]


yes, yes, you see it right. these beautiful erotic pictures, full of strong contrasts were shot by julia noni for fat magazine. she is german and she’s a woman – we like that!


Summer, sweet summer – we can’t get enough of it. Neither can our previous cover star Ryan McGinley, who has turned his summer road trips – initially intended over five years to add up to 365 days of summer – into a yearly routine. While the results tend to repeat themselves a little, don’t our [...]


The song is good, but the video is wonderful. Fueling the beats and lyrics with Parallax-inspired stop motion, Nelson de Castro’s take on Digitalism’s Wolves is insanely addictive, and rather than sapping the viewer’s interest, the cinematic trope increases the hallucinatory momentum of the visuals, culminating in a cryptic Pop Rocks stare-off. How I’d like to [...]


Subway systems always have their particular allure, and it’s funny how they come to represent the city they are in – just compare the unique smells to be found in Berlin, compared to Paris or London. What is universal is the way how we will rub shoulders with people from all walks of life, cramped [...]


Always a defining moment for the state of photography is the announcement of the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards – that great mixture of entries of young and old, professional and amateur, covering all aspects of current photography, from reportage to advertising. Photographer of the Year is Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, for her disturbing [...]