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Louisiana- the renowned Museum of Modern Art in Denmark truly offers a sense of retreat being tucked away by the sea- think wooden floors and children hiding outside in the sculpture park, a great shop with danish design and the chance to wander through fantastic exhibitions. The museum houses a great collection of modern art, [...]


The legendary Glasgow-based record store Volanic Tongue is closing after ten years activity! Run by former Charalambides member Heather Leigh Murray and her husband and writer David Keenan, it was a very relevant place for experimental music. Specializing in new, second-hand & rare underground music and sub-cultural ephemera including books, magazines and DVDs. After closing [...]

One Night In Berlin

Just in case you’re feeling that Berlin winter blues already: go out at night, and go underground.


Architectural insanity from MVRDV, our cover stars of issue #18: the Rotterdam-based architecture firm recently completed their first building in their home town, a giant covered market hall with a variety of high-end food stalls and regional farmers, in the shape of two residential buildings leaning towards each other in a giant sweep and fusing [...]


You won’t believe what birds are able to do unless you have watched this:
A Cornell Lab scientist and National Geographic photographer worked together on an 8 years project to capture the entire spectrum of the so-called Birds of Paradise, which are domiciled in New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands.
39 species of such are mind-blowing to [...]


On one of the most famous streets of Berlin, Oranienstrasse, in the heart of Kreuzberg, a performance in a glass-walled container has been taking place. In collaboration with Hebbel am Ufer, artist Dries Verhoeven is performing his piece Wanna Play? by living in the container. In this period of fifteen days the artist is communicating [...]


We’re suckers for exhibitions where the gallery space is in itself transformed, rather than just being decorated – and so must be Olafur Eliasson, who is, of course, a master of transforming space. His latest experiment is on view at the renowned Louisiana museum in Denmark, where he turned the central space into a natural [...]


As the last episode of our personal favourites of Bofilltopias, please welcome the grandiose Les Arcades du Lac. Built in 1982 and the first project of many to be realised by Ricardo Bofill in France, Les Arcades du Lac was part of the ‘nouvelles villes’ scheme, where entire cities were commissioned outside of Paris to [...]


Anyone who has ever been to Rotterdam will certainly confirm that it is an odd place. With the city lost somewhere between industrial areas and a vast port, it has a curious sense of being continuously just around the corner. But strange places often foster the most interesting surprises, and the creative output of Rotterdam [...]

Historic Mobility & the Emergence of Cultural Hotspots

Art historian Maximilian Schich and design researcher Mauro Martino illustrate the historic mobility of intellectuals. The animation connects birth and death places through the centuries. It reveals the emergence of cultural hotspots like Rome, Paris as well as German Kleinstaaterei and the conquest of the new world.