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William Forsythe, whose work we’ve mentioned before, is now featuring the installation White Bouncy Castle at the Berliner Festspiele / Foreign Affairs. White Bouncy Castle is part of his Choreographic Objects and ‘an examination of choreography in everyday life’. The best thing is you really get to bounce in it.
William Forsythe: White Bouncy Castle
Lokhalle Schöneberg [...]

N.N.N.N. / Study # 3

The experimental dance company of choreographer William Forsythe (who we have mentioned before) perform the two pieces N.N.N.N. / Study # 3 tomorrow and the two following nights in London. Study # 3 is a collection of sequences from Forsythe’s earlier works, reshaped and recontextualized.
N.N.N.N. / Study # 3
The Forsythe Company
18-20th of June
Sadler’s Wells
London, UK.


Arab revolutions, Days of Rage in London and Occupy: Worldwide protest movements are demanding greater participation in political processes; young people everywhere are calling for social change. ‘Dare real [DEMO!cracy]‘ – that is also the goal of this year’s FESTIWALLA, Berlin’s youth theatre festival from and for young people which will undertake a critical and [...]


Find attached a new portraits series by the weird and wonderful Dutch avant-garde fashion photography duo Blommers & Schumm, for Spain’s Hector magazine. Erm… portraits?, you say? Right, why don’t you take a break and move away from your screen for a moment, and everything will become clearer. I’m not sure how they did that [...]


Colour, of course, is essential, metaphorically and quite literally. As is language, and when the two meet, weird things can happen. We like to entertain ourselves by coming up with odd ideas for our subtitles to divide up those rather lengthy interviews we feature in mono.kultur – from chess moves to classic comic gap fillers [...]


A super-charming blog by Japanese photographer Yowayowa, photographing herself suspended in the air on a daily basis. There’s worse you could do with your free time. (Discovered via the indispensable It’s Nice That)


makedo is a reusable connector system for creating amazing objects and spaces from recycled materials. The possibilities of what you can make with makedo are limited only by the materials you find and your imagination.  And when you’re done, you simply pull it all apart and reuse the connectors over and over again…


I have a fondness for slightly lost translations… maybe you have a ‘nostalgy’ for film cameras too? PowerShovel is a Japanese company born out of a passion for music and photography. According to their website, ‘We never wanted cameras as precision machines, rather we imagine the camera as a sort of sketch book, something with [...]


Waiting (i.e. if The Hurt Locker won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture Of The Year) can be very uncomfortable, you might be too nervous to really concentrate on your reading, restless legs or feet… Here’s a thing that will remind many of you of the times in the old school days when you kept [...]


Usually mono.kultur only promotes single purpose products. Or other strict mono.causes. However, there has to be an exception to the rule for this two player, double function table tennis-table. Merging work and play, as the designer suggests. Don’t we all try during Christmas time?