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The Hair Apparent

Interviewer: Okay well, my last question actually comes from a special surprise guest who asked me to ask you this, so you’ll have to guess who this question came from.
Victoria Legrand: You’re asking it for them?
Exactly, and you have come up with who you think might have asked it. The question is how many pieces [...]


Now that you’ve seen us dancing to some unlikely tunes (last week, thanks to Chris Taylor), why not talk about Robert Sylvester Kelly for a minute: He may or may not be about to drop a memoir, amazingly titled Soula Coaster: The Diary Of Me (he is the true head of headlines, you know?), and [...]


If you haven’t had a chance to catch HBO’s Big Love then I highly recommend that you do. Season 4 of the series is now finished and it really amazes with a most outrageous and brilliantly clever story line.
Big Love is a about a polygamist family living in Utah. There is the husband – Bill [...]


‘Civilisation’ is a video mural by artist Marco Brambilla, created as a permanent installation for the Standard Hotel in New York. It is a collage of film references, containing 300 looped HD clips layered into a single tableaux on a digital canvass of 1920 x 7500 pixels. It is viewed from inside the elevators according [...]


Amazingly soothing, this feature w/ Beach House’s Victoria & Alex… what’s more, at 9.30 mins there’s a new version of Real Love, which is simply too good.


In case you ever wondered what a black Tom Waits might sound like, enter Gonjasufi, whose seriously amazing debut album A Sufi and a Killer was released today by Warp Records. Not meaning to be racist, but how come our black friends can make even religious music sound cool? Sheer genius, methinks.