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The wish to forget about things is very common in all of us. How memory and the loss of it works is not that well researched yet. In Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) two former lovers undergo a procedure that erases the memory of their relationship. French artist [...]


Despite post-structuralism’s and deconstruction’s extensive critique of the notion of ‘man’ and its humanist biases, early twenty-first century thought is experiencing a resurgence of interest in the classical philosophical question concerning ‘human nature’. What seems to be primarily at stake in current debates around this issue is not only an enquiry into the relation of [...]

Tag der Weltmaschine – day of the world machine (LHC)

Quarks, neutrinos and other nerdy stuff – you might not know what you missed. Yesterday was the official ‘Tag der Weltmaschine’ – Day of the World Machine (LHC) – and  your chance to go and see where the Big Bang happens: Experience Die Weltmaschine live! Better still: you can still do this if you happen [...]

Redefine Slime

We all knew that slime was special watching Ghostbusters. Now, scientist dig deeper to understand such ancient, alien slime civilizations.
“If some countries started to build highways from scratch, I would recommend to them to follow the slime mold routes”
says Andrew Adamatzky, a researcher at the University of West England who also engaged slime mold [...]


Berlin based scientist and artist Sissel Tolaas has been collecting and designing scents for many years, pursuing a forensics of identity through the language of odour. You might already be familiar with this great artist from our mono.kultur issue #23, containing no visual imagery but 12 individual scents, printed into the magazine – if you [...]

Summer School of Fake

As Lord Kelvin taught us some years ago, science is good for details.
But Phil Edwards now demonstrates, fake science is better for delight:

Find more lessons for rainy summer days here.

I would like to be smarter

I had a conversation last night with a man who is working to develop neuro-enhancers. Do you take them yourself? I asked, casually. I wondered secretly whether the field of neuro-enhancement research was progressing at a faster rate than all the other neurosciences.
He said that he did not. He is happy with the [...]

Alt history

Astro Black is a new work from Australian duo Soda_Jerk – showing at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien until 17 April. The four channel video installation is composed entirely of found materials, remixed to chronicle an alternative version of history according to the glittering vision of Sun Ra – a musician from outer space.
The work is built around the [...]


Few months ago, when blogging about this video from Everynone, I came to know Radiolab’s widely famous radio podcasts.
And that was it!
Since then I got caught in their web of highly developed narrative techniques and styles, sound games, and most of all, highly interesting subjects.
They start every podcast with a main subject on which they [...]


Call it firewater, a highball, a chaser, or one for the road – this interview will leave you thirsty for more…