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You have to hand it to them: Fantastic Man’s editorial choices are always a treat. Boom Boom Boris on the cover? No German title with any self-respect would have dared to… Yes indeed.

The Secret Lives of Mr. Smith and Ms. Tapner

Before you’re heading off tonight, two things, two secrets: Mr. Stan Smith stole a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge banks (for a reason), and Ms. Rosie Tapner ain’t no up-and-coming model, but a runner and rider and racer and drinker of copious cups of tea. Now you know.

How You Sound

If you’re not interested in skateboarding, go read some Bill Murray (no joke) – but if you are, even remotely, don’t watch (okay, do watch), but more importantly: LISTEN to this.


Astonishing yoga asanas paired with cosmic aesthetics and high couture. For the video series ‘More than a Model’ by i-D Magazine, the model Lily McZenamy shows off her skills of stretching and flexing, from the upside-down Urdhva Dhanurasana to the sideways Utthita Parsvakonasana. The video is produced by Ill-Studio, multidisciplinary platform for art-direction, graphic design [...]


This is the kind of bike that you’ll need three chain locks for, or at least in Berlin you will: in September, Strasbourg-based design studio BSG will launch production of their Wood.b, a new bicycle made partly out of wood. Looking impeccably stylish, it’s also the kind of bike that will make people’s heads turn [...]


It’s rare that architecture photography manages to make a comment not on architecture, but the passing of time, an international crisis and a current sports event all at the same time – as does Jamie McGregor Smith’s series Borrow, Build Abandon on the desolate state of the sites of the Olympic Games in 2004 in [...]


Doesn’t that remind you of… Well, yes. And they are getting more, getting stronger, getting better – until their day has come.

mono.kultur x Studio B recap

In case you missed mono.kultur’s soccer night at Studio B…


Mother Drucker, which opened about a year ago just around the corner from our studio, is the kind of place that in the age of the supposedly all-consuming, all-replacing Internet by all means should not exist. Dedicated to the art of screenprinting, it is part gallery, part workshop, as long as it involves manual labour, [...]


How things have changed, but one thing you can always rely on is that Monty Python always were and will be the silliest of all. See you all tonight.