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Nature, of course, is amazing and violent and beautiful and many more things, as we all know. In the wake of hurricane Sandy ravaging the east coast of the US, see a live data visualisation by Fernanda Vegas and Martin Wattenberg of where the winds blow right now, and I could just stare at that [...]


As you should know by now, we’re smooth talkers and we indeed shave our faces, so let’s quote Rilke (translated by Gass) to bid farewell to summer 2012 together: Lord, it is time. The summer was too long. / Lay your shadow on the sundials now, / and through the meadow let the winds throng. [...]

Contemporary solutions for confused weather

Wevther is a new favorite of mine.
Next time the weather gets confused you should give it a go and try it out yourself.
Wevther is not the typical weather forecast website. It goes beyond the simple weather prediction and helps you out also in selecting the appropriate (and most fashionable) clothes to go with the daily [...]


… winter’s going to be upon us soon enough, is all I’m saying. (image source).


Berlin hasn’t seen the sun for weeks it seems - until today! Seems quite surreal but with a couple of summer dance tracks we’ll catch up in no time.
Midnight City by M83
The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love by DFA Records
Chucha Santamaria Y [...]


For somebody from Hawaii like John Maus a winter landscape must seem like a refreshing paradise.


A final farewell to winter, since all we’re looking forward to is a reported 20° this weekend, yes!
Photography: Kai von Rabenau


Many Queenslanders and Victorians in Australia have been ‘up shit creek‘ quite literally ie ‘in dire circumstances’ with the recent widespread flooding. You can help and get a cool tea towel in the mix! Our friends at Third Drawer Down are donating half of the proceeds from their sales of Jon Campbell’s Up Shit Creek tea [...]

Off the treadmill

You know, these days I exercise for mental health rather than physical fitness, but gyms make me sad. There must be another way to keep fit when it’s cold outside, oder?

Today’s Agenda

While agenda setting Google celebrates John Lennon’s 70th birthday we might as well link the Walrus Interview from 1969 again, posted on in July. Now, enjoy a peaceful game!