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Throughout the 1980s and early ’90s, Kim Gordon—widely known as a founding member of the influential band Sonic Youth—produced a series of writings on art and music. Ranging from neo-Conceptual artworks to broader forms of cultural criticism, these rare texts are brought together in this volume for the first time, placing Gordon’s writing within the [...]

Raise The Roof

We (only) do interviews over here, but ROOF did poetry back in the seventies (in fact they still do), and thanks to Jacket2 (an archival platform for magazines committed to poetry and poetics) you can get yourself a coffee (or a case of beer), call it a week, and dig in.


While the craft of classical music courts notoriety for its mathematical complexity, its interpreters often express themselves in literary rambunctiousness and visual cues, relishing in matching timbres with colors, flourishing upon movements hippos and dancing flora a la Fantasia.  Floating above the soup of sentiments, Jorinde Voigt charts soundscapes according to an invented emotional notation, you [...]


Aeon Magazine publishes one essay every weekday online under categories such as Living Together and Altered States. Thought-worthy and easily time-consuming.


Though I’m sure many have heard of  (and read from) it, this post goes to Merve Verlag,  mono.kultur’s neighbor during the MISS READ Berlin Art Book Fair.  The quintessential philosopher’s publication since 1970, it has introduced to the intellectually voracious such venerable minds as Louis Althusser and Gilles Deleuze.  In contrast to the stagnancy that usually pervades academia, [...]

Supernatural Strategies…for making a Rock’n'Roll Group.

The Rock’n’roll group has long mystified and shocked through pageantry, or distaste there of; if ever it even gave a damn. For decades now, this ‘genre’ of Rock’n’roll keeps going, recycling itself or scrapping [nearly] everything and starting again. Like Jazz, rock is everywhere now. Peculiar partnerships are found throughout its history. Social, political [...]


Here is an interesting article by Kenneth Goldsmith, the writer of Uncreative Writing, about Richard Prince’s  book(!) The Catcher in the Rye and how he sold ‘pirate books’ in Central Park.


With Berlin Fashion Week just behind us launching the next cycle of shows, an entirely different kind of collection comes from Paper Stock, who treat stationery like others would clothes – establishing trends, inspirations and colours of the season: think, ‘Their debut SS13 collection combines busy monotone print with embossed whites & neutrals, black [...]


The Phoenix Atlas is a project by Okke De Groot, Ana Laura Ferreira and Jan Karan. Their projects are online and mainly focused on writing.  Cyprien Gaillard, Pierre Huyghe, Sophie Calle and Félix González-Torres are some of the artists that have been featured in non-existent exhibitions such as Mary, The Butterfly Effect and Love Love Love.


Ever encountered the problem that you had something to say which was kind of too urgent or too personal to send via sms or email, it should be handwritten really, if only one had a decent handwriting…? Look no further, because as of now, you can just ask illustrator Nicole Lavelle to write your note [...]