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Monthly Archives: January 2010


Can’t wait to see the concert of The Swell Season in Berlin – their Winter Tour will bring them to the Admiralspalast on February 13. If you weren’t quick enough to get tickets, enjoy their Oscar winning song Falling Slowly from the beautiful film Once!

Eggleston & Arbus

Those currently enjoying the winter sun in New York would do well to stop by Cheim & Reid this month, for their William Eggleston and Diane Arbus shows. Titled 21st Century, the Eggleston exhibition showcases the photographer’s most recent body work. The images bear his trademark, showcasing his deep concern for color and surface, as [...]


The Danish contemporary art magazine SUM launches its latest issue with its new layout created by graphic designer Manuel Raeder at Pro qm in Berlin this Friday night. SUM focuses on trends, exhibitions, works and ideas on the current art scene. On the occasion of the recent climate summit in Copenhagen the main editorial focus with [...]


I have a nice ritual with some friends to compile your personal best-of CD at the end of the year. Not only does it assure you to have a great mix CD (remember those tapes, back in the days?), but it’s also a nice way of looking back. So here are some of the albums [...]


Speaking of backbones and such… these guys certainly have that, and they obviously know how to turn a phrase or two. The rather short and precise “ich kann nicht mehr” by Unseld gives me the howling fantods each time.


With a recent discussion among the editing team whether it is really necessary to turn books like Where the Wild Things Are into movies, here’s a nice and still relevant comment from the past, by none other than Mr. J. D. Salinger himself, explaining why a film of his masterpiece Catcher in the Rye is [...]


We’ve mentioned this before, but the venerable fashion brand Pringle of Scotland have just released their new campaign by our favourite Ryan McGinley, featuring our favourite Tilda Swinton.You might want to turn off the sound, but it’s nice for an advertising project, and of course, Tilda is as beautiful as ever.


Berlin Fashion Week is upon us, and our friends at Koi Klub will be taking on that very Berlin phenomenon of the Spätkauf – the local cornershop that will provide you with the essentials of booze, tobacco and chocolate until the wee morning hours – for their usual mix of Japanese curiosities, sneakers, hot sake, [...]


The bad news first: Mayo Thompson won’t be playing in Berlin tonight and the invitation text for his cd release party is only available in English. The good news is that Sven-Åke Johansson will be your host and has a couple of surprises lined up for you (especially when you can’t understand the German text [...]


Posterbills went up across Berlin recently announcing a cultural coup… for Leipzig. The small regional city in Saxony is hosting a preview of Damien Hirst’s new exhibition Dark Trees.

From tomorrow, the superstar British artist will display eight new paintings in Leipzig’s Spinnerei art complex, an old cotton spinning factory-turned-culture precinct. The preview comes [...]