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Dear Friends,
in this strange year of a global pandemic, race riots, and an increasingly toxic discourse in politics and society, our new issue couldn’t come more timely, featuring Eyal Weizman, the outspoken founder of Forensic Architecture.
Made up of architects, lawyers, journalists, scientists, designers, and more, Forensic Architecture is part investigative research lab, human rights activism [...]


‘What happened after New Orleance?’
The bootylicious points out the aftermath of Katrina disaster and the long history of slavery.


In the world of unending terror, recently, photographer and video artist Leila Alaoui is killed…  The artist was commissioned to work on a series about women rights in Burkina Faso, where the evil attack took place. Her series The Maroccans depicts cultural diversity of Alaoui’s Morocco. Rest in Peace.


Reminiscent of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, David Bowie is genderless and belongs to a time that is beyond our perception… A sad day, indeed. Rest in Stars!


What do you guys think about the new Google logo? As one of the biggest web entities in the world, it’s arguably a topic of interest. While the rebrand unabashedly invites universal consumptions with its sans serif geometric symbols, I personally miss the 2013, which evoked literary materiality. Here’s an interesting article by It’s Nice [...]


The Festival of Dangerous Ideas brings leading thinkers and culture creators from around the world to the Sydney Opera House stages and online to discuss and debate the important ideas of our time.
Festival of Dangerous Ideas
5-6 September, 2015
Sydney Opera House


After last weekend’s devastating news about the death of immigrants − so far 1,500 immigrants have died in 2015 − outside Libyan waters with hope to be safer in the lands of EU, this weekend the world faced The Nepal Earthquake. As a result of 7.8 magnitude, thousands are dead or waiting to be rescued… [...]


As an asylum seeker, one is already othered, lives in hard conditions whilst waiting for one of the basic rights to be approved: the freedom of movement. No one would leave her/his country if there was no more wars or more tolerance towards other choices. Even in so-called-civilised-West, women and LGBTI rights is still a crucial [...]

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Pulling off yet another genius move, Father John Misty just announced his very own (and crap-sounding) SAP – Streamline Audio Protocol: “I am pleased to introduce SAP, a new signal-to-audio process by which popular albums are “sapped” of their performances, original vocal, atmosphere and other distracting affectations so the consumer can decide quickly and efficiently [...]


In the (post)digital era, our notion of time and ‘event’ is contradictory. As we all know, the heinous crimes of extremist group ISIS are devastating… The videos they publish online make the evil act, create a new ‘now’. The more we watch the videos, the more people they kill digitally – the event of death [...]