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The Floral Gift at Sydney Table is a one night dinner event hosted by Bloodwood chefs Claire van Vuuren and Mitch Grady in collaboration with artists Anna McMahon and Sarah Ryan. Guests will be treated to an entirely flower based menu staged at Carriageworks, Sydney. As part of the Sydney Table, this dinner celebrates flowers, [...]


Carriageworks has curated a series of exclusive dinners bringing together Sydney’s best chefs and creative minds to create an unforgettable taste sensation. Each dinner, 50 guests will be treated to an evening designed and prepared by some of Australia’s most exciting talents from the fields of food, music, art and design.
Carriageworks and Vivid Sydney present Sydney [...]


Plant Planet is a two-hour zero-waste workshop created to discover what is inside every fruit and vegetable in your imagination. The workshop starts with art and design appreciation, followed by a guided creative meditation, fruit and vegetable carving technique demonstration, a mystery box challenge that unlocks your imagination, and finally, learn tricks to bring your [...]


Photos: Evey Kwong
Plastic wrapped bodies in bizarre and quirky residency areas, chopped off penises or exploded faces are not only in the episodes of Twin Peaks. Luscious moments followed by madness may cause a body to be chopped into pieces.
‘Conditioned from birth as to what we are supposed to feel, and how to act accordingly, [...]


From today on until February 15, 2015, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin presents the video installation NOW EAT MY SCRIPT (2014) by Mounira Al Solh.
In the work the artist engages with the moment where fragments of history and biography meet. She takes the transit of a sacrificed lamb in the trunk of her [...]

Russian Chocolat Paper

With Russian leaders being not so consumer oriented theses days, it’s good to know there are still appealing chocolate wrappings. I found a batch of these old chocolate paper designs, let’s kick off Christmas season with an excursion to visual rhetoric.


Architectural insanity from MVRDV, our cover stars of issue #18: the Rotterdam-based architecture firm recently completed their first building in their home town, a giant covered market hall with a variety of high-end food stalls and regional farmers, in the shape of two residential buildings leaning towards each other in a giant sweep and fusing [...]

Safer Communities Together

Oma Marnie’s Pie Bakery, “Germany’s first Kiwi-style pie bakery”, has just opened its doors: Serving a mean pie & the best flat whites (Five Elephant beans), they also have great ice-cream, plus all kinds of paninis/baguettes and fresh organic breads. If you pay these guys a visit, don’t forget to blow [...]


As the northern hemisphere welcomes Spring soon, the southern hemisphere celebrates Summer’s end.


A lovely place in London has just opened by Ivan Mitin called Ziferblat, London’s first pay-per-minute cafe, Ivan began this idea in Moscow, opening his first cafe, he now has a few scattered across Russia and now London. The ideas simple, rather than paying for your nice piece of cake and coffee you pay 3p per [...]