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Photos: Evey Kwong

Plastic wrapped bodies in bizarre and quirky residency areas, chopped off penises or exploded faces are not only in the episodes of Twin Peaks. Luscious moments followed by madness may cause a body to be chopped into pieces.

‘Conditioned from birth as to what we are supposed to feel, and how to act accordingly, many of us subconsciously suppress the nastiest of our thoughts and desires. So what happens when we loosen our grip on that control?’, ask artists Karla Marie Bentzen and Lucy Locket in their exhibition ‘Crimes of Passion’. Bentzen illustrated the uncanny stories of murder in bright colors and Locket cooked finger-licking penises − apparently the taste of it shocked Peaches, an astronout wig and made blood-vodkas for their collaboration.

Crimes of Passion
by Karla Marie Bentzen and Lucy Locket
Torstrasse 68
10119 Berlin