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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Monday sweetness.

Book Praline

This book might be plain looking from the outside, but it contains – hoho! – the most beautiful German book design of the year 2013, elected and published by Stiftung Buchkunst.
In haptic and visual terms it is a masterpiece itself: once you’ve opened the grey shell a rich bronze colored and textured cover appears and [...]

166400 weekends

It’s the weekend, and this 3200 year old tree has seen 166400 saturday nights. Guess this veteran knows to chill. Enjoy the break, even if you are not ‘aus dem selben Holz geschnitzt’.


We imagine Mexico City is not exactly the place to go for obscure art books and magazines, but then again, maybe now it is. Casa Bosques Bookstore is the third project by Casa Bosques, an initiative by the design and branding studio Savvy, to produce a range of objects, and recently chocolates, and, well, now [...]


MASA was founded in Istanbul by graphic designer and artist Vahit Tuna in 2008. In 209 artists Isabel Schmiga and Sandra Teitge initiated the project in Berlin. MASA − meaning table in Turkish − is a mobile space itself, hosting each time another artist. The project aims to compose an area for the artist to play with and [...]


Dear Friends,
as we’re busy preparing our forthcoming issue, we think it’s time to finally release a treat of an edition that we have held back for quite a while: as part of our crowdfunding campaign in 2012 for our first artist book, Echoes of Voices in the High Towers, our favourite Robert Montgomery [...]

Slipping in a puddle of vomit

Remember this? And the incredible aesthetic of this one? Add some soothing-as-hell beats (slow and yet pushing hard, in a way), and you have Sylvan Esso. On Repeat: Get up, get down. On repeat. Repeat.

The Last Days of Antje Oeklesund

Apparently another soon-to-be-doomed Berlin venue, Friedrichshain’s Antje Oeklesund is going to host some great DJ action this week: anticon.’s Jel, The Notwist’s Markus Acher, and some Morr Music guys, this Thursday, 9pm at Rigaer Str. 71-73.
Greenball by Jel


I finally watched lovely Frances Ha last night, and woke up with David Bowie’s Modern Love in my head this morning. Which is not a bad start into the new week at all.


For those who have been keeping up, you might remember Tilda Swinton’s the 8½  Foundation, mentioned in her now sold out interview with mono.kultur. Named after the eponymous Fellini film, the Scotland-based foundation was inspired by the musings of  her then eight-and-a-half years old son and dedicates itself to gifting free benchmark films to children at [...]