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MASA was founded in Istanbul by graphic designer and artist Vahit Tuna in 2008. In 209 artists Isabel Schmiga and Sandra Teitge initiated the project in Berlin. MASA − meaning table in Turkish − is a mobile space itself, hosting each time another artist. The project aims to compose an area for the artist to play with and stand as an alternative to big budget projects, institutionalized art, galleries that work with only a group of well established names, and it will head for a younger production overall.

Berlin based artist Ofri Lapid (*1983) created a display for MASA Berlin, a part of a larger body of works, which concerns the Amazon region as a terrain for entanglements of myth in history. Through a nonchronological observation of historical documents and objects, she exposes the bipolar character of Western material culture. Mythographs makes a special use of the historic wet plate collodion photographic technique, to create ambrotypes, hybrid images of positive and negative on glass.

Mythographs by Ofri Lapid // MASA Berlin
Curated by Göksu Kunak
Opening 29.03.2014
Exhibition 30.03. and 2-3-4.04 // 5-8 pm
Artist Talk 05.04.2014 at 5pm
Apartment Project Berlin
Hertzbergstrasse 13
12055 Berlin