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Pimp Someone’s Ride

Whatever happened to suburban car tuning?, wondered Max Siedentopf. To help people figure out their individual car style, Siedentopf pimped cars overnight adding cardboard modifications. In an interview with the Telegraph he stressed his concern that the potential of self-expression is often neglected in cars.


Seeing this pretty new video by Cy Kuckenbaker, don’t you wish they finally put some order into traffic?


Vatos-Tacos is a taco truck in Berlin that is being run by two music producers.  Besides delicious tacos and quesadillas in Tex-Mex style, cassettes or vinyls chosen by the owners turn the world into a better place. Almost every Thursday the vibe of the truck changes a little bit with the music of good musicians [...]


Leos Carax, the director of Les Amants du Pont Neuf, practices sorcery with his new film Holy Motors. Competed in Cannes, this astonishing film surprises the audience with beautiful scenes as well as its discrepant and strange characters. Even the most disturbing scene is humorous and absurd in the fantastic world created with Denis Lavant, [...]


If you’re planning a long drive I can recommend these two albums: Hot Chip’s In Our Heads and Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave. If you’re staying in: Hot Chip’s Night and Day has an amusing video by Peter Serafinowicz featuring Terence Stamp, Reggie Watts and Lara Stone.


Painting of the beloved near depictions of animals with blue, pink, gold or more. Truck drivers in Pakistan know how to spice up their long journeys. Here is the Pakistani truck art!


These posters and ads have been gracing the streets and magazines in Berlin recently, to announce tomorrow’s opening of the hotly debated BMW Guggenheim Lab in the city. The Lab is a mobile container traveling to nine different cities in the world to host a series of talks, events and workshops on the theme of [...]


Just after Ryoji Ikeda’s exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof ended, he is back in Berlin with an even larger installation at the former power station Muma (erm, didn’t it use to be Trafo?) called data.anatomy (civic) – the name sort of speaks for itself, since the video and sound installation basically comprises thousands of design and [...]


Cars! Fire! Salt! Ladies! (Actually, hold on, suspiciously few ladies…) And who could possibly argue with that? For years, photographer Simon Davidson has been documenting the Australian drag racing scene, which seems to be very alive and kicking indeed. (Oh, and thank you for pointing it out.)
Photography by Simon Davidson