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Dear Friends,
we’re not quite sure what happened with that last year, and if anybody has seen it, please let us know. In the meantime, we are proud to return from our involuntary hiatus with a splendid new issue – mono.kultur #40, no less – with the wonderful British ceramicist, artist and writer Edmund de Waal.
Edmund [...]


Reminiscent of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, David Bowie is genderless and belongs to a time that is beyond our perception… A sad day, indeed. Rest in Stars!


Peaches – Rub (Uncensored) from Peaches on Vimeo.
In Taschen’s Erotica Universalis, there are several depictions of erotic peeing, called Urolagnia. People with joyful faces, pee on their partners – women or men… Several artists have been using ‘peeing’ in a political manner. One of them is the legendary Peaches. Things go queerly wild in [...]

All That Glitters

Update: there’s even more gold. And it goes by the name Gwilym. Gold.

Superhero Trivialities

Superheroes never pee. However, Indonesian photographer Edy Hardjoe tells the story as if they would. And as with any ordinary photo shooting, light is shed quite a bit, nicely documented in this behind-the-scenes piece:

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Impending Doom

How come all the “unlikely” Warp artists, the ones you don’t get at first, the ones you get insanely addicted to later, the ones that are so wild and crazy and out there in unexpected ways, how come they all have to die so young?

P.T. Pynchon

Few things are better than Oldham doing Kelly, but then again, P.T. Anderson doing Pynchon might be just that: better than Oldham doing Kelly.


The song is good, but the video is wonderful. Fueling the beats and lyrics with Parallax-inspired stop motion, Nelson de Castro’s take on Digitalism’s Wolves is insanely addictive, and rather than sapping the viewer’s interest, the cinematic trope increases the hallucinatory momentum of the visuals, culminating in a cryptic Pop Rocks stare-off. How I’d like to [...]

Image of the Day: Thank Heavens

‘Tis Saturday, so let’s thank the Gods, for they (or someone else) gave Johann König a kid that’s into skateboarding, a fact which probably helped when it came to deciding whether or not to have his (indeed: his) incredible St. Agnes church in Kreuzberg turned into a temporary skate spot earlier this week. Anyway, thanks, [...]


Since relocating back to sunny Philadelphia (guys, the sunny part is a joke), I’ve been wanting to shed some love on one of Anerica’s most underrated art-poli. Because it’s been so gloomy recently, I feel particularly drawn to the work of Ray King–no pun intended–whose iridescent, delicate structures have been exhibited in multiple [...]