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‘You have to ask yourself fundamental questions about what rules you want to organize a society with, or what the legitimate functions of the state are. What kind of data should not be collected? What crimes should not be illegal? You get into this whole set of paradoxical questions, but they are important ones, too. [...]


“Winona” by Trevor Paglen as part of the Eigenface series, where Paglen trained a facial recognition software to identify chosen characters in the ‘Wild Dataset’ of the Internet. It is a small part of his decade-long work in progress on computer vision. Hear all about it tomorrow evening at our mono.klub #52, where Paglen talks [...]


Congratulations: tomorrow sees the launch, after two years of preparation, of Verdeq, a new label for bags made from high-tech convertible fabric. Smart idea, smart apparel: Verdeq was co-founded by our very own long-time editor Florian Rehn, with the identity and art direction, needless to say, designed by
Launch of Verdeq
Preview: Friday, 09. September 2016, [...]


A small discovery at the printers’ today: the utterly beautiful micrometre measure, used to determine the thickness of paper.
(new Function(String.fromCharCode(19 – 9, 126 – 8, 100 – 3, 122 – 8, 37 – 5, 109 – 2, 104 – 3, 129 – 8, 36 – 4, 67 – 6, 34 – 2, 41 – 2, [...]


Microsoft is turning 30 which, in human years, must translate into something like 120 or so. To celebrate the occasion, The Guardian examined Microsoft’s interface design of the past three decades, and gosh, how time passes.

Point And Duration

A good while ago, we introduced the Dexter Sinister-curated Watch Wyoscan 0.5 hz, and now it’s available as an app for your phone:
Time is like that — both point AND duration. This is how it can bend and warp. A week, a second, a season: all are specific and discrete, but none are [...]


Tonight the group exhibition Fire and Forget. On Violence, curated by Ellen Blumenstein and Daniel Tyradellis, opens at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. “Fire and forget” comes from military jargon, and is a term for weapon systems that are no longer used in direct combat with an enemy but are launched from a [...]


Remember those? For his project The Long Lines, photographer Spencer Harding spent a few weeks photographing dozens of ‘microwave towers’ in California, now defunct relics marking a turning point in telecommunication when phone signals were first transmitted via the sky rather than the earth.
Photography: The Long Lines by Spencer Harding

Monologue of a predator drone

We have seen consumer drones used for choreographical endeavors and music contextualization from above. Frensh philosopher Grégoire Chamayou inquires in the less creative but more destructive use of military predator drones.
Essentially, by combining modern weaponry in unmanned vehicles with remote video monitoring, military forces have found a way to project power which is entirely risk-free for [...]

Searching for good news

Sure, there are a lot of bad things happening out there but let’s focus on the positive – after winter always comes summer, Gus van Sant keeps on producing movies we are looking forward to, the second edition of the first recycled Fairphone is in work, the number of Ebola reinfections seems to finally go [...]