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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor is a pretty wicked dude, what with starting his own Terrible Records label and blogging about words such as “Bangover” or “Shroommate” and just recently blowing minds in Berlin and delivering this here fine Notwist remix you shouldn’t have slept on anyway. So grab it and finally start thinking about this [...]


This is ostensibly the season of giving, so it is worth mentioning Jeffrey Inaba’s new book World of Giving, dedicated to exploring this cornerstone of human sociality. An architect and professor, Inaba researched, edited, and wrote the book with C-Lab, an ‘experimental research unit’ he directs, as an extension of their current Donor Hall [...]


As it is already common within Visual Arts now arrives at the Blogosphere; dealing with the possibillites, boundaries and also problems of your very own genre.
As I did not know what to blog today I googled ‘I do not know what to blog’; and the friendly machine next to my face was so kind to [...]


Last night saw the first installment of a live experiment between two of the most advanced electronic music labels in Berlin: Raster-Noton and Minus shared the stage at the excellent new WMF club, with their respective founders Alva Noto and Byetone versus Richie Hawtin (plus JPLS), playing a sort of electronic musical chairs – each [...]


The film adaptation of The Road has finally been released in the US yesterday. As there isn’t a release date for Germany yet, you have plenty of opportunity to get yourself a copy of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning beautiful post-apocalyptic novel and read it before you go see the film. And read about Cormac [...]


and now. Female artists from the GDR
The exhibition and now traces the work of a selected group of female artists from the GDR – among which some have been discussed only sparsely in the overall German art historical field. ?The exhibition shows work from the 1980s made under ’socialistic conditions of production’ and as well [...]


TONIGHT, Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 7 pm:
Eighth edition of KW’s Alte Hasen series – Curator René Block in conversation with art historian and curator Gabriele Knapstein
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin


VVORK (established in 2006) is a web based project edited, collated and curated by four artists: Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Christoph Priglinger and Georg Schnitzer. Each day the VVORK site is updated with images by contemporary visual artists. Often the run of images focuses on artists sharing similar methods, ideas or materials. As a result [...]


Well, it’s kind of wrong to call McSweeney’s a magazine, it’s more of a book series, really, or rather a quarterly collection of short stories, but then again, nothing is that simple with McSweeney’s, so their forthcoming issue comes in the shape of a broadsheet newspaper, with short stories, yes, but also investigative journalism, sports [...]


No photo, no label, less than 5,000 Myspace visitors, though featured over at Prefix and Fader and Stereogum and everywhere else, we certainly don’t understand what’s going on with Cloud Nothings (who seem to have a tape release forthcoming), but the tunes, I mean, the tunes…