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The eighth Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is a compelling weekend of challenging, inspirational and robust discussion with powerful speakers from around the world. The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is back with dangerous ideas and speakers from around the world. In FODI land, you will be able to explore a dark and dangerous landscape [...]


The Festival of Dangerous Ideas brings leading thinkers and culture creators from around the world to the Sydney Opera House stages and online to discuss and debate the important ideas of our time.
Festival of Dangerous Ideas
5-6 September, 2015
Sydney Opera House


I really was wrong, before, to say that utopias are turned against the body and destined to erase it. They were born from the body itself, and perhaps afterwards they turned against it…
In a radio lecture with the title ‘The utopian body‘ from 1966 Michel Foucault describes his body as something incorporeal, a place outside [...]

straight ahead

With his second volume of poetry, The Less Deceived, Philip Larkin became the preeminent poet of his generation, and a leading voice of what came to be called ‘The Movement’, a group of young English writers of the 50’s known for their commitment to a clear and formalistic diction instead of too much sentimentalism in [...]

Keeping things whole

A delightful poem by recently deceased Canadian poet Mark Strand. Nothing else to say, just trying to keep things whole…

Good night series_B

Middleage philosophy by Anselm von Canterbury ad absurdum.
Here is Jorge Luis Borges and his geniuos parody on the ‘onthological’ evidence of god.


It’s a bit late to be hyping this now.  Or perhaps we are just very foresighted.
In any case, Plural Projekt was/is (will be again) a Dresden-based artists collective started by five students from the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts: Anna Grützner, Diana Welmeier, Denny Brückner, Patricia Detmering, and Benjamin Hummitzsch.  After a year of planning and [...]


You read in doodles the automatic writing from daydreams. That is to be the philosophy behind Akira Horikawa’s 1000Drawing Project. For five years Horikawa’s regimen of drawing out daily impressions, oneiro-ventures, chances encounters have reaped a thousand images of the funhouse delirium. Fantastic, erotic, and sometimes eerie, with blank-eyed humans stacked and arranged [...]


Aeon Magazine publishes one essay every weekday online under categories such as Living Together and Altered States. Thought-worthy and easily time-consuming.


Though I’m sure many have heard of  (and read from) it, this post goes to Merve Verlag,  mono.kultur’s neighbor during the MISS READ Berlin Art Book Fair.  The quintessential philosopher’s publication since 1970, it has introduced to the intellectually voracious such venerable minds as Louis Althusser and Gilles Deleuze.  In contrast to the stagnancy that usually pervades academia, [...]