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Recently, Paris based choreographer and musician Morgan Belenguer has been working on his new music project Morgan Friedrich. Influenced by a Romantic disillusionment and the writings of Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola on anthropocene, Loseground is the first track of the upcoming album Natureisdead.
‘Friedrich is a character more or less imagined. He is a romantic [...]

McSweeney’s first ever student short story contest!

If you are a fan of McSweeney’s


Boerum House & Home via Old Brand New.


It’s the one Tumblr to end all Tumblrs: B4XVI, a blog established to document “an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century” – happy Easter!


Found again, following National Geographic Found.
A wealthy group of young people relax by a pool in California, 1940.
Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic.


One of the most interesting categories in the annual Lead Awards is “Weblog of the Year” – the list of nominations give you get a feeling of what topics get a lot of resonance in the public eye. This year’s winner has been mentioned here before – congratulations to What Ali Wore by Zoe Spawton. [...]


What is it that makes marble and its pattern so omnipresent these days? Originally composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, today the motive of marble is not only used in contemporary art, but also in fashion and textile production. Commonly used for sculpture and as building material, it now seems to be trendy to envelop the [...]


The Green Kitchen is my new favourite cookbook. A taste of what you will find in the book can be found on their website/blog, Green Kitchen Stories. You may be tempted to try the Roasted Butternut and Coconut Soup pictured below, or the Raw Buckwheat Porridge De Luxe pictured below that, or the Vegan Apple and [...]


A nice cover of Kavinsky’s Nightcall from the soundtrack of Drive by the Parisian band based in London, We Were Evergreen. The sympathetic apparence of the band members in the video, which is shot for Beirut Jam Sessions, and  the beautiful sound of the xylophone even forces one to question which one is better: the original [...]


Of all those fashion blogs, We Have No Style is worth mentioning.