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Category Archives: analog

First Music Video

This is probably the first music video ever. Before youtube. Before MTV. Before color, too: Len Lye’s 1958 ‘Free Radicals’


Few things are as hard to describe as happiness, an emotion defined more by the objects and events that elicit it. Perdiz magazie tasks itself with collecting these highly rarified  moments with hopes of distilling and imparting happiness to its readers. Different components of the emotion–love, hopes, creativity, pleasure–form the content, and the candy-colored graphic design [...]


Contemporary painting, predominantly quiet landscapes that seem more like mindscapes. Suet Yi Chan has exhibited internationally and is continuously showing at galleries in Berlin where she currently resides. At the time, Suet or Snowy as she also calls herself, is working on new artworks for the upcoming year. Until then, rest your eyes on these.


In his Metamorphosis series, Frederic Fontenoy seemingly pushes the visual logic of McGinley’s naked romps to the extreme. Here again are the pastoral settings and wan bodies of the latter photographer’s images, but a time lapse renders the human subjects intelligible. They become stumps of skin, trees of muscle, a naval notch, and a gesture a [...]


It’s rare to come across an Instagram account that goes beyond the personally mundane and actually captures a little of that something that defines living in our days and time. Photographer Daniel Arnold on the other hand has a whopping 100k+ followers and for good reason: his images speak about our lives rather than his, [...]


Maquisard from Team Maquisard on Vimeo.
Did this a game fall from heaven? Fan metamedia at its finest, Maquisard follows on the heels of the infamous Twin Peaks inspired Black Lodge to digitize a thinly-veiled homage to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). Though not as avant-garde as its precursor, Maquisard captures Anderson’s nostalgic charm [...]


Boston Bun “Time Bomb” from Lisa Paclet on Vimeo.
Hormonic fumbling and almost-missed connections punctuate the beats of Boston Bun’s “Time Bomb” in this luscious video. Director Lisa Paclet’s résumé includes Chanel, Dior, Kenzo, Y.S.L., so it’s not surprising that the film is all high style. Each shot is immaculately designed, from the crisp sporty outfits [...]

Turing Text

Show me your handwriting, and I tell you who you are. Seems like robots are picking up individual handwriting now. Could this be the next Turing Test? Austin based startup Maillift is taking marketing spam to a whole new level. Seamless Salesforce integration, of course.
Some hints on how to tell humans and machines apart.


Just  something that I‘ve missed from the year 2011 and crossed my way shortly ago when I was scanning the internet for envelopes as a part of exhibition concepts or artwork: Works of paper by Kouzaki Hiromu, a japanese carpenter who at the age of 80 began to make envelopes from all sorts of paper [...]