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Our brandnew issue mono.kultur #45 with acclaimed writer and raconteur Richard Price is accompanied by stunning images by New York cab driver turned photographer Joseph Rodriguez, from a series called Spanish Harlem, documenting street life in the late 1980s with grit, intimacy and grain. As it happens, the series is currently on show at Galerie [...]


Last summer, YO!Sissy Queer Music Festival of Berlin hosted luscious personas such as Cakes da Killa, Crystal Waters, Peaches and more. Nowadays, organizers are running a Kickstarter campaign to bring bootyliciousness on stage again in 2016. Wouldn’t it be nice to sweat with Le1f or Dai Burger at SO36? Six more days to support…


This week’s recommendations are two events taking place in South London, both highlighting the work and music of producer Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles. Café OTO presents an evening of talk, video and audio with Thaemlitz, starting with a multi-media reading of “Naisho Wave Manifesto” (“Secrecy Wave Manifesto”), which Thaemlitz produced for the first issue [...]


If you are following our Instagram feed, you will have seen that we spent a week in Bogotá for a workshop at the impressive Utadeo university. Now that we’re slowly recovering from our Colombian hangover, it’s time to send a quick thank you towards the design department for inviting us in the first place, to [...]


As the holiday season is coming to an end, we are still looking for reasons to stay or even to go back to some of our favorite spots this summer. Cyprus for instance has not only a multilayered history, but also an eclectic contemporary art scene. Part of it is Neoterismoi Toumazou, a former novelty [...]


The German blockbuster-directer Roland Emmerich has just released a trailer for his new movie Stonewall, and it’s been already discussed controversially, particularly about its lack of authenticity. Just to quickly recap: The Stonewall Riots were a series of protests in 1969 against the police by the LGBT community in New York after a police raid in [...]


Marsha P. Johnson was a liberation activist. Despite Hollywood’s latest claims as in the film Stonewall(2015), the African American drag queen was the one who threw the first brick against the police in June, 1969. Literally, according to various sources, this trans woman of color ‘really started it’ − not a pretty clean white boy [...]


Terre Thaemlitz has commented on the changes to Japan’s controversial Fuueihou law via a statement on her website. The post responds to the “Declaration On the Future Of Japan’s Club Culture”, signed by 40 Japanese DJs on the same day that the 67-year-old law was officially changed by the Japanese government. She argues that it has “no purpose other than [...]


Whilst cycling in the city of Berlin, sometimes it is so shocking to observe how badly designed the city is. New condominiums or the so called ‘contemporary buildings’ of administrations are conquering our urban environment –the terrifying constructions spread around the city show that more is on the way.
Make City is a new festival on [...]

This Sunday: Cheer On Mono

See that logo six seconds into the clip (also see above)? Yap, mono’s riding again…

For the fifth consecutive year our favorite cycling crew Team #TORtOUR will be taking part in the infamous Berlin Velothon. Join the team on Sunday from 10:00AM @no74_berlin to cheer for all the riders taking part in this year’s race! #adidas [...]