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After last weekend’s devastating news about the death of immigrants − so far 1,500 immigrants have died in 2015 − outside Libyan waters with hope to be safer in the lands of EU, this weekend the world faced The Nepal Earthquake. As a result of 7.8 magnitude, thousands are dead or waiting to be rescued… [...]


Tomorrow, The New York Times Magazine (under the art direction of Matt Willey, who also designed our ever so popular issue with Chris Ware) will feature one of the most impressive covers I’ve seen in a while, featuring a giant 50m-tall paste-up by street artist JR, on the theme of walking in the city. Nice [...]


Easter Parade in the Big Apple captured by Advanced Style.


One of the changes in the world considering the post-war period in 1920s was the rapid modernisation in Turkey, as a result of a new republic, which originally started in the last 50 years of the Ottoman Empire.
In Facts and Fantasies: Images of Istanbul Women in the 1920s, Fatma Türe writes about the rediscovery of [...]


‘In the heart of Berlin’s Neukölln, a new film space is spreading its wings and wants to be shared with you. Located in what was once a brothel, it is a place of wild ideas and primal courage. w o l f engages with cinema and aims to be a home and a learning ground for [...]


Support our favorite local radio station Berlin Community Radio and help them win funding to sustain their amazing project! The voting for the ‘Crowd for Berlin Media’ is on until 12 March. BCR is all about the community, so hurry up and click the heart button!


The legendary Glasgow-based record store Volanic Tongue is closing after ten years activity! Run by former Charalambides member Heather Leigh Murray and her husband and writer David Keenan, it was a very relevant place for experimental music. Specializing in new, second-hand & rare underground music and sub-cultural ephemera including books, magazines and DVDs. After closing [...]

Read What You Want! A Reading Club… in the Ringbahn S41.

Read What You Want! is a hybrid between a book club and a reading club, that also focusses on the importance of space. The event is an experiment on how people inhabit spaces, both printed, as in the pages of a book, and physical, by our surroundings in the city. It is planned as an [...]


Architectural insanity from MVRDV, our cover stars of issue #18: the Rotterdam-based architecture firm recently completed their first building in their home town, a giant covered market hall with a variety of high-end food stalls and regional farmers, in the shape of two residential buildings leaning towards each other in a giant sweep and fusing [...]


Nowadays in Vdrome: Street Cat Deluxe by Ovidiu Anton
“The recent transformation of the city of Istanbul is critically analysed by a heterogeneous group of inhabitants of the Turkish metropolis. Discussing such topics as the impact of tourism, the effects of gentrification, and the results of urban policies on their daily lives, the single individuals also [...]