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Dark Austrian Heat

The Austrian Heat has returned: As that heatwave is about to make us feel all sizzurp’d and lean as hell, we’re still shaking our heads over Moneyboy’s unlikely, purple colored, codeine-fueled rise to fame – what’s more: if anyone ever asks you for a Lubitz, now you (kind of) know – but luckily, we don’t [...]


Mark Leckey, Circa 87, 2014 (Courtesy: Galerie Buchholz)
Although his oeuvre spans little more than 15 years, British artist Mark Leckey (born in 1964) is already considered a reference for a young generation of artists. After his studies he withdrew from the art world for nearly a decade. In 1999, with the video Fiorucci Made Me [...]

McSweeney’s first ever student short story contest!

If you are a fan of McSweeney’s


A handful of poems for the weekend: a new series of billboards by our dear friend Robert Montgomery are now hovering in the pale skies of Los Angeles, and we can’t think of a more appropriate city to host Rob’s delicate words.
All images by Robert Montgomery

One, two. Word.

English language is great because it has a lot of words. More words mean more fun. That’s also why Shakespeare is great: he used 28,829 words in his works.
In a linguistic approach designer Matt Daniels gives a new perspective on East Coast vs. West Coast (and a whole lot of other juxtapositions): Who uses most [...]


Despite the title, the new Berlin Quarterly has little to do with Berlin at first sight, besides having its offices in town. Picking up on some of the dustier and quirkier visual elements of old-fashioned literary titles, the design of Berlin Quarterly doesn’t succeed as well as The White Review in translating these [...]

Raise The Roof

We (only) do interviews over here, but ROOF did poetry back in the seventies (in fact they still do), and thanks to Jacket2 (an archival platform for magazines committed to poetry and poetics) you can get yourself a coffee (or a case of beer), call it a week, and dig in.


It’s one of those random bits of news that you stumble upon every now and then get stuck with, like, ‘While there is no precise count, some experts believe New York is home to as many as 800 languages.’ Hold on, 800? Or have you ever heard of Vlashki, Garifuna, Mamuju? Neither have I, but [...]


Kurt Vonnegut, that titan of American literature, would have turned 90 last Sunday, had he not died of head trauma after falling down a flight of stairs five years ago, which seems like peculiarly appropriate death for someone who has dedicated his life to the blackest of satire. So it goes. He left behind not [...]


MISS READ, Berlin’s independent publishing fair, is in town again for the fourth time – this year hosted by abc. MISS READ has invited international publishers and artists to show their artist books at the abc premises. Presenting a selection of about 50 of the most active contributors in this field – including mono.kultur, of [...]