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For three weeks, you can walk across water on bright orange ribbons to the island San Paolo on Lake Iseo in Italy, in the latest project by Christo (and the first he realised since the death of his partner Jeanne Claude). Sounds great to us: ‘Those who experience The Floating Piers will feel like they [...]


I once saw a lecture with Zaha Hadid speaking for two hours without pausing to take breath or lifting her finger from the remote control, zapping through literally thousands of images, only to end up dismissing us with the words that students today had no stamina whatsoever and that she felt sorry for us. It [...]


Grammys are coming up, so a homage to Björk’s nominated Vulnicura. This is the quintessential Björk fantasy drawn in mythical aesthetic. Use your mouse or WASD to rotate the 360 degree video.


Says Bukowski:
(…) it needn’t be much, just a spark.
a spark can set a whole forest [...]


As the Greek drama unfolds, crowdfunding comes to rescue: help save Greece, in what must be the most ambitious crowdfunding campaign ever.

All That Glitters

Update: there’s even more gold. And it goes by the name Gwilym. Gold.

Impending Doom

How come all the “unlikely” Warp artists, the ones you don’t get at first, the ones you get insanely addicted to later, the ones that are so wild and crazy and out there in unexpected ways, how come they all have to die so young?

The Maestro

Apart from Shabazz Palaces, Amen Dunes and Son Lux, who’ll be in town later this month, the incredible Shai Maestro Trio is going to play Berlin’s Quasimodo this Wednesday.

P.T. Pynchon

Few things are better than Oldham doing Kelly, but then again, P.T. Anderson doing Pynchon might be just that: better than Oldham doing Kelly.


Bless all eaters of #CAKE. Bless ‘quakers! Blast Bunny Hops!