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Across photography, installation, and social sculpture, Mathias Kessler probes the contemporary imagination, employing a visual language that borrows from the Romantic landscape genre and expedition photography, using empirical reason and the “sublime” as foils for an investigation that goes beyond the mere “natural” surface to explore the more complicated political and economic forces that have [...]


Omnipresent Kim Gordon appears in Peaches latest video for Close-Up, where she takes the role of a wrestling instructor. It is kind of odd, but also very funny to watch!

The new track “Close Up” feat. Kim Gordon will appear on Peaches upcoming album Rub, which will be released via I U She Music on September 25.


Christian Kracht’s book Imperium has been considered as a “Melvillean masterpiece of the South Seas” recently. Released in Germany in 2012, it has now been translated into English by Daniel Bowes.
The protagonist of the fiction is August Engelhardt, a “nudist and cocovore”, who purchases land in what was then German New Guinea, in order to [...]


Our all time favorite noise-heroine Kim Gordon had an interesting collaboration last year, when she was commissioned to compose music for a ballet initiated by artist Nick Mauss. Inversions was first performed at Frieze Projects 2014, now the audio is to receive a limited edition vinyl release. Exclaim reports that Music for Inversions: A Live [...]


The long planned tribute to Arthur Russell Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell is now available to listen! The 26-track collection includes covers by Robyn, Blood Orange, Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Devendra Banhart and many more. The tribute has been put together by AIDS charity Red Hot. Stream the compilation in full via npr!


Kindness, the solo project of British singer Adam Brainbridge, announced his second album Otherness and shared a new song called This Is Not About Us. Besides that it is a cool 80’s-throwback track, the video is dominated by the simple style and the absolutely brilliant choreography that is performed by Brainbridge and the second person [...]


By now everyone must have heard about the news: Nine brand new episodes of Twin Peaks will go into production next year to be broadcast in 2016! David Lynch has been teasing the show’s return on Twitter for a while, and now a teaser trailer that typically gives not much else away has been released. [...]


I’m so overly excited about Blonde Redhead’s forthcoming album Barragán. Their latest single The One I Love is just fantastic (so was the first track to be released No More Honey) and it takes me straight back to obsession of this fantastic band. The album was recorded with a lot of old analogue synthesizers and [...]


Aphex Twin’s unreleased album ‘Caustic Window‘ can be now fully streamed on Youtube! The album had reached the test pressing phase in 1994, but was aborted as a full release. True Aphex Twin passionates can still get their hands on the original, which can be purchased on ebay (the current bid is $10,750!).


Contemporary dance culture has deep roots in the LGBT communities. However, it seems that this background is still largely unrecognised today. Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles is therefore a major figure within the club scene. By making this very origin visible and talking about the issues around this discourse, she is also one of dance [...]