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The Museum Tinguely in Basel has embarked on an intriguing series of exhibitions dedicated to our five senses, kicking off with verve with Belle Haleine, focusing on art that addresses our sense of smell. Of course, this is something that Sissel Tolaas knows a thing or two about, and she will indeed ’show’ her project [...]


Oh yes, the new data-enhanced Rapha Pro collection looks like a crooked mono.kultur logo in motion. And in case you don’t care about riding, you can also sit, of course. Or take the train, tonight.


London publication LAW (Lives and Works) is a paean to the beautiful low. John Holt founded LAW as a quiet protest. Not about the runway or the hidden glitz of the elite, the magazine hones into the DIY style of the sidewalk and local trivialities of interest–the interesting that has been effaced through [...]


As with many, I sometimes find The Art to be indistinguishable from fashion, design, or decorative art, which is completely fine. However, the trend towards their sugary, whimsical ilk sometimes gives me one too many (hot)flashbacks of semi-reluctant jaunts around Anthropologie and its twee brethren.
When I first saw a feature praising Juan Fontanive, I spotted [...]


Ever wanted to go people watching in front of Berlin’s famed Berghain club on a Sunday morning? So did photographer Oliver Eglin, who took a series of portraits of clubbers post-euphoria, or as he puts it, ‘in the transitional stage between the fantasy of Berghain/Panorama and the blandness of the real world’. But rest assured, [...]


Bored with the usual cinema fare?  Look no further.  L’Enfant (or I suppose now l’adolescent or l’adulte depending on your feelings towards said provocateur) terrible Matthew Barney returns to the cinema fray with his operatic River of Fundament, a collaboration between him, several powerhouse thespians, Gaspard Noé, Jonathan Bepler, and…Norman Mailer?!  Premiered at the Brooklyn Academy [...]


If you are out and about in Lower Saxony this weekend, don’t miss Hella Gerlach’s performative intervention Move and Scale (cancelset) at the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim! Within the framework of a series of events called ‘Von den Dingen’ (About the Things) organised by the Kunstverein Hildesheim, Gerlach will engage with the ancient Egyptian [...]


First released in 1986, Obsession – the first fragrance by Calvin Klein, set the clue for coolness. CK’s autumn/winter 2014 menswear collection once again presented perfectness on the catwalk: Sweatshirts appeared throughout the show emblazoned with the Obsession logo and that of the brand’s other era-defining smell, Escape, from 1988 and Eternity. All combined with [...]


Vancouver-based Blood Diamonds‘ ‘Heart’ showers sultry electronic reprieve for these icier Sunday.  Take some time just to listen to that flute.


Berlin Art Week is coming up next week, and before we go off for an art overkill, why not start a bit earlier with a contemporary art ‘gymnastic excersise’ for a warm-up with the Berlin-based artist Hella Gerlach. By engaging in a dialogue with the architectural, physical and social body, Gerlach transforms the gallery space [...]