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Jules et Jim by Truffaut or Band of Outsiders by Godard are classical Nouvelle Vague films well-known by their beautiful scenes like Jules and Jim singing with Catherine; Odile, Arthur and Franz running through the Louvre in three minutes and dancing in synchrony at a bar.  This time, in the new short movie by Wes [...]


As of next week, chances are you will be seeing lots of people lurking around the two cities of Kansas City, Kansas side and Missouri side, with their noses down on the ground and voraciously sniffing, taking notes, exchanging meaningful glances and typing into their iPhones. What could be the meaning of it all?
As it [...]


Berlin based scientist and artist Sissel Tolaas has been collecting and designing scents for many years, pursuing a forensics of identity through the language of odour. You might already be familiar with this great artist from our mono.kultur issue #23, containing no visual imagery but 12 individual scents, printed into the magazine – if you [...]


Wait, there is a new garlic testament?


We can think of no better place to read mono.kultur issue #24 with Cyprien Gaillard’s interview than on top of the “beeramid”, Cyprien’s large-scale sculpture at KW in Berlin, built out of 72,000 bottles of Efes beer. Approximate duration to read Cyprien’s interview: 3 Efes beer!
The ‘reading room’ is open until March 22, 2011:
KW [...]

Mind your nose

While I still miss a Swabian float at Karneval der Kulturen, you should not miss to drop your vote at our “Language of Smell”-Poll.
We have now transcribed all the entries from mono.klub#26 last week for further discussion. One vote for each category: yellow, pink and green.