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As of next week, chances are you will be seeing lots of people lurking around the two cities of Kansas City, Kansas side and Missouri side, with their noses down on the ground and voraciously sniffing, taking notes, exchanging meaningful glances and typing into their iPhones. What could be the meaning of it all?

As it happens, Sissel Tolaas, the cover star of our notorious smell issue #23, has created her largest city SmellScape to date, which will be presented by Grand Arts tomorrow evening. Exploring the two sides of Kansas City for over five years, she unveils her findings and observations in typical Sissel style, which is above all playful. So visitors to the museum are invited to leave again and explore the smells of the city for themselves, in a sort of smell-based treasure hunt, with score cards, points, ways to collect photos and materials, and an exclusively designed iPhone App. It sounds like fun, and with Sissel behind it, we’re sure it will be an enlightening experience along the way.

Sissel Tolaas: SmellScape KCK/KCMO
Opening 07 September 2012 / 18h

Grand Arts
1819 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64108